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Yesterday after I got home from my USY meeting, I spent a couple of hours trying to a) figure out whether my guitar's strings were going the right way (and they were) and b) trying to somehow get my fingers on the right frets to play to opening chords of Free Falling. My fingers unfortunately don't bend the right way. I remember thinking that about piano and then about flute, so obviously I'll get used to it. Even when I used my other hand (which obviously DOES bend that way, or from a different direction) the chord didn't sound right when I strummed it. Oh well. I've got lots to learn.

Yesterday afternoon I had some other stuff to do, but I just stayed home and played guitar. It was an excuse to play guitar, sure, but I couldn't go anywhere because Ron was planning on coming over to bring me some stuff. My orange collapsible Tupperware bowl from Andrea, my black Parvus Cuniculus FooFoo SCL shirt, my mom's jumper cables, and as you've already seen, my brand-new 30 gig video ipod. Black. Hot. I honestly wasn't expecting it. When Ron and I talked awhile ago right after my iPod stopped working, I thought I was getting a 20 gig non-color 4G like the one I had-- which would have been perfectly fine. This, however, was truly very nice of him, especially considering that we broke up and he could have just as easily done nothing. I really do appreciate it.

After Ron stopped by (he stayed for about five minutes), Seana was in her room tutoring, and I really didn't feel like being alone. I later realized that I had plans to do something with gay!Matt, but he never called and I forgot, so oh well. To abolish solitude, I went over to my friend Sean's apartment, judged him by his books, and then kidnapped him. Actually, he kind of kidnapped himself. We did the most fun thing ever (not sarcasm, really), challenging each other on random facts in the HP books. He passes the HP test, for sure, as he's almost as obsessed as I am, but ::scoffs high & mightily:: he thought Ron was the one that said Neville was worth twelve of Malfoy ::scoffs again:: And he likes Ernie MacMillan. I think liking a Hufflepuff is almost as bad as being one.

Rosh Hashanah is this weekend. This past year (Sept 05- Sept 06) has been much much better than last year (Sept 04- Sept 05) need-for-forgiveness-wise, but I still wasn't perfect.

I really need to ask forgiveness from Justin. That's the big one. I need to know what I did so much to upset him that I make sure I never do it again, and I feel terrible. Since he won't talk to me, I guess I'll send him a letter apology, and hope that he can forgive me.

Literacy Volunteers, for not giving it my all the last couple months. Or maybe that's an apology that belongs to impoverished Tallahassee? Or Americorps VISTA?

To Indira. Yes, to Indira. For upsetting her at Nunsense. Whatever. I'm going to put all this crap behind me, ask for her forgiveness, and forgive her as well. Really, a seventeen year friendship should be worth more.

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