Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Car update

Got my estimate from Walker Body Shop. They're going to replace my front bumper. I ran into a pole about six months ago and it left a small dent/white paint mark on my car, so I'm actually sort of glad that they need to replace my whole front bumper, because it means that that part gets to get fixed, too. (Don't worry, I was Miss Little Honest Girl and pointed out several times that that dent was previously there). They're also going to replace my two side lights. One of them had previously liked to do this flip-away-from-the-car thing, and I think the accident knocked the other out of place. Regardless, they are going to fix both of them.

The estimate was for $639.12. What a price for a simple mistake a guy made by not looking behind him.

Order of next events:
  • They sent the stuff over to my Mercury Insurance Adjuster
  • The Adjuster will send me a check (hopefully to me and not to my parents, who need to remember to call and let them know it's okay to send me the check even though the car isn't in my name).
  • I call Walker Body Shop to schedule my car being fixed
  • Mercury rents me a car from Enterprise while my car is being fixed
  • Ta-da! Fixed car. No out-of-pocket expenses, my own stupid pole-bumping mistake fixed, and everyone's happy.

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