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Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Weekend recap... a little boring

My weekend was fine. Four days and it still didn't seem like long enough. Thursday night/Friday morning was interesting, to say the least. I met up with my grade school friend Steven, and there was much hilarity and a little too much puke. Then again, any puke is too much. Gross. ::shudders::

Friday morning took Sab to an appointment, came back home and caught up on my lack of Thursday sleep, cleaned some and did some laundry, and then went to services. My mom came with me, which was nice. But where is HPP? Noooobody knows.

Saturday morning I was going to go again, but I needed sleep badly, still, and Friday night I ended up sleeping from 10:30ish till 11 on Saturday morning. So no, I didn't go. Went to a baarbeque, for once not hosted by my family. My mom's work friends (who are outside-work friends as well) hosted, and it was pretty nice. I ate ribs (beef of course) for the first time ever. I could tell that they were cooked well, and I could tell that they were "good" but they were way too fatty to enjoy fully. Vivi came down for the barbeque/Labor Day/My dad's birthday, so that was nice. I left the barbeque shortly after six, and Vivi came with me and came over to my new apartment to see it and to do my hair for the dance.

Sab had invited me to her church's (okay, her "Institute"'s) dance. Twas supposed to start at 8, but they had some sort of prayer/discussion/"fireside" first which lasted till 9:30, and we had to leave at ten. So Babs and I swing danced to Jump Jive & Wail and then we were out of there.

Sunday morning Sara and I left around ten for Gainesville. We stopped once but made pretty good time and met Tuttle at the mall (she had come up from Melbourne for the whole weekend to spend time with her ex-roomie Lea). We shopped around and saw our old co-worker April at WaldenBooks, which was cool. Learned some new gossip about those guys (Jason's marriage didn't work out, he's back working at WB, Mark quit, Sam works in Crystal River's WB, and I didn't even think to ask about Travis. Whoops) At (Dillards?) Sara found me the best dress in the world to try on. Unfortunately, my bustline, smaller as it may be, still wasn't going to fit in properly. You have to have Flash (which I don't have the admin rights to install) to view, but take my word that it was fabulous.

Then I fell in love with Macaroni Grill's Sundried Tomato soup.

And then the meeting. It wasn't terrible, really. We did get some things accomplished (assuming that people follow through), it's just that it's really not the SCL that I want to be in. Like Nate said, if I want a change, I have to make it happen. However, I think I'm done clinging to the past, and I'm just going to do SCL for what it is. Not a social event (or atleast definitely not on the levels that it used to be), but a way to help JCLers, and a way to stay involved. Oh well. Welcome to adulthood.

We had planned to stay the night but... no. It just didn't make sense. So Saruda and I headed back to Tally-town, got back in around 9. I went over to the parents house, as they had my dog, and Vivi was still in town and stuff. I was exhausted and cranky, decided to stay the night, and went to sleep fairly soon. Woke up the next morning and made breakfast for everyone, and hung around their house doing crossword puzzles and talking. The Tallahassee Democrat likes to repeat clues. There were five or six clues that was saw atleast twice in the seven-ish puzzles we worked on.

I left around five, went home, and finally started finishing my room/closet. Thennn...

I watched the game. Yes, me. With Sabrina, Ken, Jay, and Cohen. AND I understood it. They can vouch for that (well maybe not Cohen, but you know...). I was extremely impressed with myself that I remembered pretty much everything that Justin taught me last football season. I didn't see the Marching Chiefs on TV, which sucked, but the game was otherwise exciting and fun. I could even tell that both teams' defense was better than their offense even withOUT Bobby Bowden telling the camera. We grilled out, I ran home to get my Magic Bullet so we could make smoothies, and everything was fabulous. I ate too much, though. I left there a couple minutes after the game ended.

I feel conceited talking about this next thing. Supremely so. I suppose my big head deflated a little bit because Steven and I were supposed to hang out on Saturday and he never called, but otherwise, yeah, big head. I don't know if it's just that now I'm sending out the "I'm available" vibe or what, or if it's Murphy's Law in that I am NOT looking for a relationship, or if I'm just that incredibly fabulous, but recently I've become an object of affection. For many people, and they all feel like openly expressing it. Good friends, new friends, old friends. Co-workers, Publix-workers, Circuit-City workers. I'm really trying hard to not lead anyone on, because like I said, I'm really really not looking for a relationship, at all. I'm very content being just me right now. Me and my dog. We shower together, you know ;) I guess I should be a little more careful what I say and do. What can I say, it's a curse ;)

Facebook got a facelift. Check it out. And how are you all enjoying your new site scheme?

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