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decoupage is a funny word

Seana's vegan, and I'm reaping the rewards.

Her mother gave her pearl earrings for Valentine's Day. Since pearls come from animals, Seana won't wear them. So... she gave them to me!

I'm frustrated with routery, wireless stuff. newscane has been of utmost help in helping us set up our network and fixing problems as they happen. So, a very large thank you to Eric :)

I am loving my long weekend. I've slept about 2-3 hours since Thursday morning at 6. Yes, it's my fault for deciding to stay up all night, so I guess I can't complain. In fact, I don't even want to complain.

I needed to deposit Seana's rent check this afternoon. I was picking up Deb from school, and the closest bank was of course, Ron's. I think today was the last day of his week off, so he wasn't there, but it was still weird being there. I did it through the ATM, lest his co-worker Kristi or another worker recognize me and make awkward small talk.

Deb hung out here for another hour or so (until my mother could pick her up), and all of the USY events I was worried about the USY members not liking, she loved. Like the Bingo and Board Games with Heritage Oaks (an assisted-living facility not far from the synagogue). She was really excited about that one, in fact. She's also really looking forward to the lock-in. Me too! I think I'll have the Chanukah party here and the end of year party at someone's house with a pool.

My mom's on her way to pick me up for services. It's out of her way normally (not by that much) but today she's taking Deb to a football game at Cox so it's faster to come this way, and she may as well pick me up. The game that Deborah's going to isn't even a Lincoln game. Leon's playing someone, I don't know who. Deb wants to go so she can see her friend Kathleen in the band, and hang out with her other Leon friends. Understandable, yes?

My hair looks pretty in a ponytail. SUPERCURLS!

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