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first draft of USY letter

Here's my first second third draft of the USY letter. Please please PLEASE tear it up, fix the grammar, the syntax, the verbage. If something sounds funny or stupid please don't hesitate to point it out.


Shomrei Torah has some very exciting news for our high school students! I am pleased to announce that we will once again have an active chapter of United Synagogue Youth (USY).

USY inspires Jewish youth to explore, celebrate and practice ethical values, Zionism and community responsibility based on the ideology of the Conservative Movement.

I grew up at Shomrei Torah and participated in USY as a teenager, serving as president of our chapter my senior year of high school. We participated in national conferences, had discussions on everything from the situation in Israel to intermarriage, performed many mitzvot through Social Action/Tikun Olam, and participated in local activities with NFTY, the reform movement’s youth group. These are experiences that have helped shape me as a Jew and as a person. I am honored to be the Shomrei Torah USY Advisor, and I hope to inspire the next generation to embrace their Jewish heritage. And of course, to have fun!

Shomrei Torah’s USY chapter is open to any member who is in high school, or who has already turned fourteen. Meetings will be held monthly, every first Sunday from 1-3 p.m., immediately following Sunday School. We will also have many activities throughout the year: lock-ins, holiday parties, conventions, and more! Anyone interested in joining USY should attend an introductory meeting at 1 pm on Sunday, September 17th.

At this meeting, I hope to see parents as well as high schoolers; I will be handing out a schedule of meetings and activities, and collecting $50 dues. These dues cover registration as a USY organization regionally and internationally, publications that may be sent to us about attending conferences, a subscription to Achshav! Magazine, and will also cover lunch costs for the entire school year (lunch will be served at every meeting).

I hope to see you September 17th!

Melissa Abrams
Shomrei Torah USY Advisor


Aug. 31st, 2006 08:12 pm (UTC)
I got a subscription to Achshav, at our parents house. It just started coming to our house after I paid my regional dues. I assumed they were connected. I think senior year was the only time I got it. The synagogue already gets it anyway, so I'm not false advertising, even if they don't send extra copies.

I changed all the "we" to "I" since I realized it's all about me. I guess I missed one.

We probably will have more than one Chanukah party, one with NFTY and one with just us. But you're right. I'll make it singular.
Aug. 31st, 2006 08:37 pm (UTC)
looks great!
Aug. 31st, 2006 08:42 pm (UTC)
thanks. I'm really excited about the activities this year.

the calendar isn't completely finalized because mom has yet to send me the sunday school schedule -- and I'm not going to have a meeting on a day that there's no class. I stayed away from holidays, but there could still be something that she knows about that I don't.


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