Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Yesterday was Cohen's one-month celebration of being born. I picked up Sara after work and we drove to my place so she could see it and so I could feed/walk Padfoot, and then we were off to Sab and Ken's apartment. It was me, Sara (pandora48sch), Jay, Ken (fishonfoot), Sabrina (nikita9041), Bobby (rberrien28), and of course, Cohen. We had a grand old time, played half a game of Cranium, barbequed, and watched the hilarious taping of what will be known as "Bobby Falls" -- a taping of Bobby falling out of my desk chair from Saturday. Never mind that most of the tape is actually just people hanging out and watching Cohen, and that Bobby falling takes a mere couple of seconds. It's definitely the highlight. No offense, kid. We also taped a bunch more stuff. I love home videos. I'm so excited to be in them.

I got to feel like some sort of mechanical genius last night when I fixed our stove. Our front right burner wasn't working, so I tried lifting and replacing the "plug" part of the coil, and realized it wasn't "plugged" into anything. So I lifted the drip pan and saw something plug-like connected by wires that had fallen below. Soo yeah. I put it into the area where it needed to be plugged in, plugged in the coil, and voila! Working stove. In the world of men, that either makes me butch or hot.

This weekend is going to be fabulous. Thursday I'm going to see Little Miss Sunshine with Zach (zhartley), Friday I have off from work, so I'm taking Sab to an appointment in the morning, and then we're going shopping. Friday night, services (what, I get excited). Saturday afternoon I hope to convince my family to hold their annual Labor Day/Daddy's birthday barbeque. It just hasn't been the same since the Hilfsteins left, but we'll invite some other B-list family friends over to celebrate. Hah. Saturday night is a dance! Hardly formal, but atleast I get to wear a dress. It's at Sabrina's church or "The Institute" whatever that means. Ken has to work, so Ken and Sab's friend Jay (who also goes to the church) was asked to drive Sabrina there, and he said he would only do it if Sabrina made me go. Then Sab invited Bobby too, so it'll be the four of us. Sunday morning I leave for Gainesville around 9 (Tuttle, we expect to do an early lunch with you. FYI). Meeting at 3, Dinner at 5, party till dawn. Rumor has it that Kendal will be coming! Ahem. It should make for an interesting night. We'll leave Gangstaville Monday early afternoon and get back in time for Sara to work Monday night.

And on top of all of that, Steven, a friend from elementary-middle-high school who I haven't seen in something like six years is going to be in town from Thursday-Tuesday, so I'll likely spend some time with him Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night, depending on schedules, courage, morbid curiousity, and some other factors.

Our Israeli owners are here all week. Conversing amongst themselves, they speak in Hebrew. This morning, I caught a couple of things. "Rosh Hashanah," "shalom," "Ashkenazi" -- of course, they could have either been talking about Jews who are of Ashkenazi descent, or a name of someone who works at our sister-company (which they also own), Talla-Com.

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