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So the comcast guy finally gets my internet working two hours after he arrives. There was some problem outside with the wiring, and also apparently my ethernet cable stopped working some time in the past month. Anyway, we got it working, and everything was fine. I got on my webcam for a bit to show some people around my apartment, speeds were good, fine and dandy.

So, when I was about to go to bed, Seana was going to get online. We took her long ethernet cable and stretched it from my room (where the modem is) to the living room, where she temporarily has her computer until our wireless router arrives. And... nothing. I'm no hardcore computer freak, but I can generally fix minor problems. We went through all the steps... and nothing. I finally pleaded exhaustion and had to go to sleep, and I think she was going to call Comcast. She works online, we cannot be having malfunctioning internet!

We also filled out the form that lists the apartment problems. We found four, total. One, there's a small hole in the washer/dryer folding door thing. Two, the oven timer goes off randomly. Three, the front burner doesn't work. Four, our keys don't work on the storage unit door on the balcony. And that's it. No stains, no broken handles, nothing dirty, good water pressure. Seriously,I mean we went through everything on that list, and checked an awful lot of "acceptable" and by "acceptable" we meant "wow, really great." They'll probably fix everything but the door, which I can live with. Major props to anyone who can fix that blasted timer.

Seana made a soy cheesecake. I dislike sweets. More particularly, I dislike cheesecake. But I've got to try this right? Soy cheesecake? Yeah. Maybe tonight when I get home. I've got to stop by my place to feed/walk Padfoot, and then I'm off to a one-month celebration party for my "nephew." Which reminds me, I also need to stop and get some sort of present or card or something. It's my job to spoil the kid, right?

I woke up at 5:45 and then at 6, out of the house by 6:25, and here by 6:45. I'm also going to take a short lunch today, I think. Try to make up for some of that missed time yesterday.
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