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Today for you, tomorrow for me.

Today is a glasses day. Not only do they match my outfit, but like I've said before, I feel more shut out from the world-- which today I need. Craziness will abound at work, as our owners are coming in from Israel--plus there's weird tension that I'd rather have a different outlook on. Maybe the glasses will help with that.

Today, hopefully, I also get my new desk with drawers, which means that I'll have a place to keep stuff at work. For now I have half of a drawer in a small filing cabinet, and it just does not suffice. So yay.

Last night I bought a dining room table, chairs (only 2), and an exercise bike, and then had to rush to pick Deborah up from band practice.* Shortly after getting to Lincoln, I realized that I was fairly close to my new place, and had my new furniture in the car, and I knew my door was unlocked and my keys inside, sooo... I have officially (with Deb's help) put some furniture into my new place! When we got inside it was just SO NICE. And Jennifer had a goody bag for us-- lots of stuff that neither Seana nor I eat (she's vegan, I'm an omnivorous health freak), but also a scented sink stopper, scented toilet paper rolls (the middle part, not the actual toilet paper), a tape measure, a night light, and some other stuff. It was really sweet :) I'm sure my movers will enjoy the candy and chips on Saturday. And by movers, I mean my parents, Craig, and Bobby. Anyone else who wants to help is welcome to, but those are my four certains that I've recruited.

I am *almost* waiting for the bomb to drop and for something to go terribly wrong with my new place, but at the same time, I don't think it will happen. Or maybe the fact that it's so far away from work is the issue, or so far away from friends and family.

I woke up several times in the middle of the night last night. At 3:30, and then at 5:30 or so. Each time I felt fully rested but knew that I wasn't, and I had nothing to do and a long day ahead of me, so I went back to sleep. Finally around 6:10 I made myself get up, got ready, and didn't finish straightening my hair because I was running somewhat late. And just now I realized I didn't have to be here at seven, I didn't have to be here till eight. Whoops. Along with not being able to wear jeans (because of our visitors), I guess I forgot it was Friday completely. Oh well. An extra hour of work won't kill me, and overtime is never bad.

For whatever reason, it's hot and muggy outside today, and its totally reflected inside. Gross.

*Lincoln band sounds good! Not fabulous, but they're right at the beginning of the season of course. They're also fairly good marchers from what I saw. I'm impressed.
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