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I can see how Ron got so obsessed with his budget. Google Spreadsheets (or budgeting in general) is very addictive. So far I've only done through January 2007, because around then, things are going to change drastically (an almost definite raise, Seana moving out, etc).

I'll definitely be making more than I'm spending (uh yes, I realize this is how most people operate, but I haven't been able to do that for the past year, so this is new to me).

I set aside $130 for the Gainesville trip. Between gas and what I'll call "incidentals" I plan on living it up Labor Day weekend. I also have $300 ear-marked for furniture this week, and all my bills are in the spreadsheet. I'm over-estimating utilities and cell phone, and paying $50 extra on my car every month. After this first month or so I'll be able to move large chunks of money into Savings.

My bills are going to stay approximately the same as they were last year (rent goes down a little bit, utilities will go down a little bit, car insurance will go up a bigger bit, everything else will stay the same), I'm just making twice as much.
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