Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, a real post!

Weekend was... well. It was a weekend.

Thursday evening - hurt thumb, non-taken vicodin prescription, Snakes on a Plane
Friday - ran errands
Friday night & Saturday - sick to my stomach
Saturday evening - furniture window-shopping, bought two bar stools that hopefully won't be too tall to put by my pass-thru window.
Sunday - membership brunch, became USY advisor, dinner at the OG with Indira.
Sunday night - lots of time spent on the phone, found out about lies and the lying liars who tell them, talked to Ron, talked to an old friend, talked to several other people, and didn't fall asleep till late.

I'm trying to sort out feelings. Speaking with Ron last night was nice. Of course I still miss him, that's a given, but it was nice to have a conversation that was platonic with him-- I know now that it can happen. We talked about my tonofbricks situation (I hadn't planned to, but the news had just been dropped on me when he called back, so it came out), and he was put in almost the same situation (but on a much higher level) several years ago, so we talked about that. I asked if he was dating anyone. I'd just rather know than not, or find out later. Anyway, he isn't. He has no time. I can certainly understand that, as neither do I. I probably shouldn't have, but I mentioned something about Sean. It obviously isn't anything, and never was anything other than a fleeting second of "hey, this is the type of person I'm supposed to be with" but I still shouldn't have said anything because it may still have hurt him. I know any mention of any girl would have hurt me.

I'm also trying to sort out friend-feelings. How I feel about the current people I choose to call my friends. Why I love them, and why they act the way they do.

I wasn't kidding when I was talking about a change. While it won't be a magenta mohawk, I do feel a change in personality coming on. I see in my future a more outgoing person. One who dances more and has more fun, and hangs out with different groups of people. Not that my current friends (well, with the exception of one that I'm fairly mad at right now) aren't incredibly fabulous people, and I certainly still intend to hang out with them... but I need a supplement. I've been getting used to the hours in this job, so I plan on going out and doing something most nights, and going crazy on weekends. People, a new hang out space, whatever. I just need a change of scenery.

I also need to find out a good answer to the question of what I do for fun. Can some people answer that, please? What DO I do for fun? I hang out with friends (but where do we hang? what do we do? Seriously, what DO we do?). I blog. I beat people at board games. I sing. I read. I do SCL. I run a youth group (now!). But who wants to say, "I read, write, and plan Latin conventions in my spare time" For the seventieth time in a few weeks, I'm going to call myself lame again. Maybe I'm just a lame, do-gooder person, or maybe that's my introverted cover. Anyway, commenters, please answer the question of what I do for fun. Obviously I don't have much of an idea.

Apparently Godby Band has much-improved in the past few years. Go Godby! I've yet to decide which side to sit on when I go to the Lincoln-Godby game. Obviously Deborah wants me on the Lincoln side, but can I just desert my alma mater like that? Bobby and I decided last night we'll sit on the home team side so that way we can see the shows. We don't know which team is "home" yet, so it's an easy way to make the decision. The game is Thursday, Nov. 2, and we've got quite a crowd of alumni together, if anyone else is interested.

Things to look forward to:
Friday evening - moving!
Saturday - moving!
Sunday - moving! (buying furniture?)
Sept 2 - Annual Labor Day/Daddy's birthday barbeque
Sept 3/4 Labor Day - SCL IN GANGSTAVILLE! Seeing Andrea, inducting all the new slashers, Getting Raju-venated (do a little daaaance...).
Tags: deborah, family, friends, health, scl

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