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Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Boys re-cap

In spirit of jmcptbackfire, I'm going to do a boy-recap.

(Harley, camp boyfriend. Alan, 48-hour insanity)

My first real boyfriend, we grew up together and had apparently been flirting our entire lives, but we finally got together right after I turned 15. We had a lot of fun together, and I guess I learned a lot about relationships, myself, and making out for hours. We broke up for a myriad of reasons. We couldn't drive yet so rarely got to see eachother except at Sunday School, but I think I also got annoying. That was in my "Did I say that out loud?" phase that even made me sick. (Update on David's life, he took a year off school and is returning to FSU for his last year of finishing his mathematics degree)

(Josh, 6 hour insanity. Joseph, month of not really getting to see eachother)


(Dustin, David R., stupidities)

My first college boyfriend. The first Jewish Republican I ever met. He taught me lots of debating points, because that's what we did together, debate. That, and play online Jeopardy. He had the most beautiful eyes in the world. We were just too different to last, we had completely different values. (Update on Jake: Starting law school at Georgetown this fall)

Oh, boy, Justin. A second-year law student when I was a year-too-young freshman. The one person I ever felt that strongly about. The one who was my best friend, my confidante, the one I was nervous around but completely comfortable around. The one who barged in on me brushing my teeth and told me I sounded so cute singing he had to kiss me. We had so much of a humor connection and used to crack up together all the time. The one who I let myself be strung along with on and off for over three years. The one who I always had to hope that he'd change and want to be with me as much as I wanted to be with him. We never broke up, because we were never officially together, but the only problem we ever had, and really the only thing that we didn't completely agree on, was religion (which brought about lack of committment problems). Now I guess our friendship and everything else are completely over, considering that he hasn't talked me in months. (Update on Justin: A Criminal Lawyer, Leon County Public Defender)

Rob is a really great guy. Was, and still is. He made me think about things politically and religiously, had me think on higher levels than I had before, taught me a ton about computers (specifically spyware removal) and in most cases, we were amazing together. Because things were going so amazingly with us, we moved wayyyy too fast, and got engaged and moved in together after four months of dating, and then he was planning on converting, so I had a bunch of other issues with that, as did he. Much pain and heartache, and I realized that we weren't right for eachother, and I tried to break up with him several times but we always ended up not being able to do it, it hurt too much for me, and also for me to see him like that. I was a coward and cheated on him because I knew he despised cheating (as did/do I) and knew it would get him to break up with me. (Update on Rob: Working managing a database, I believe, moving in with his girlfriend Jessica)

(Aras, too different with regards to past experience, culture, religion. Matt, neat guy but too gay for me, even if he is straight. Zach, great guy, but not the right guy for me at the time)

Really wonderful guy, and we had some good times together. Probably my first truly adult relationship, with each of us having a full time job (or in his case, two), and no roommates, our own apartments. We seemed to have a ton in common when we met, with narcissism, board games, and a bunch of other reasons. He and Padfoot loved eachother. My friend liked him, so there were obstacles in the beginning. Odds were stacked against us from the beginning. He was a Christian Republican, I was a Jewish Democrat. Our ideals and thoughts weren't similar, and our activities weren't similar. We got into a bad routine of doing nothing, and he never wanted to hang out with my friends and we had one particular episode where he told me my friends were "beneath me." I hung out with his friends, but wasn't a fan of beer, which always seemed to be a major player in whatever they did. Eventually I realized that even though we were very much in love, that love isn't all you need. Opposites attract, but opposites have nothing in common, and can't hang out. (Update on Ron: we only broke up three weeks ago, so there's nothing new to report that I know of. Teller at Wachovia, plans to go to chiropractic school)


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