Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

I have a roommate! I'm moving in with Seana, one of my friends from high school. We went to look at the apartment today and she fell absolutely in love. So, as long as her application is approved (and I'm sure it will be) I'll officially have a roomie! Like I said before, I don't really need one. I can afford the place by myself. But-- this way I can save money/have dispensible income/have awesome furniture.

Signing the lease on the 18th, moving in the 25th.

In other news, I had a fantastic day yesterday. Not only did I have a great day at work, I had a day that I got to spend with people/friends, and it was just incredible. I'm becoming this person that I used to be. Not the person I was 3 or 6 months ago, but this sunny, happy, giddy, random person. The person I was in high school, but more mature, and with bigger breasts. The person I was at UF, but without boy drama. The person I was last summer, after the Rob stuff had faded, and I was excited about Americorps. I honestly haven't been this person in a long time, and I like her. She doesn't really get depressed, she has everything she needs, she has her friends (I have missed you guys so much), and so many other things.

Oh, and I have a role model when it comes to friendliness. I'm going be a nicer person.
Yes indeed, things are looking up for.. wait for it...

MELLICENT! Remember Mellicent? Indira used to call me that a couple years ago, and she's baaaaaack.

Oh, and I don't have a single icon of just me where I'm smiling, really. Here's the closest. It's one of those last-summer awesome times at the HPHBP release!

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