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During lunch, I came home to get my dad's van so I could get the papasan chair from Gena (Thanks! I love it!) right after work.

Of course, I didn't realize that the other errand I had to run after work (dropping Ron's things off at his apartment) required actually having his stuff, which is of course in MY car.

And now I'm home and exhausted and not really wanting to drive back out. Ron will get his stuff back (I haven't gotten mine, so I don't have to feel TOO guilty), but this new job is making me super exhausted. Plus the whole wake-up-at-4:30-this-morning thing. That adds to it.

I did however, stop by Winn-Dixie, since it was on my way home. I saw Davon, Andrew, and Joey, who all worked there when I did. I guess it's dedication to stick to a job there for five years. I couldn't have done it. I was there to buy Padfoot some Benadryl. He took some, and he isn't really chewing or scratching now, but he seems mopey. Benadryl makes me the same way, but it's still kind of sad to see my normally super-playful active dog walking slowly and moping around. Poor Paddington :( I gave him a bath, too. He was super-dirty. I guess that's what I get for letting him run around outside so much. He loves it, but I like clean, affectionate, indoor Padfoot too! So he's sleeping inside tonight. Don't tell his grandparents (who, by the way, got to San Fransisco safely).

nap time? nap time.

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