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Apparently when you take someone off your friends list on myspace, you continue to get your blog subscription posts from them. Yippee. There were three from Ron, and I saw exactly what I didn't want to. In addition to the fact that he hung out with Holly (the hot blonde girl that taught in Germany who is "so perfect" for him), he is apparently also going out on a date with some customer at the bank that gave him her number.

Why is it so easy for him to move on? I refuse to let myself think that I didn't mean that much to him, but sheesh, in the past week that we've been broken up, that's two girls. I've thought about dating exactly zero. Call me old fashioned, but I guess I need more than a week to recover from a serious relationship before jumping in the dating pool again.

Now my next question is, how do I unsubscribe to someones blog?

It's been a week now. I feel awkward, weird. I haven't really gone back to my single life (okay, we can blame that on the fact that I'm living with my parents this month).

My coworker is 22 and married. They met two years ago, and married in November. She's an American Democrat, born in the poor parts of Miami. He's an African born and raised in England with live-in servants, who came to America for "Univeristy". He's also very right-wing Republican. We had a nice talk about how opposites attract. I guess in most instances, opposites do attract. Unfortunately, once you get past attraction, there's no substance to the relationship, because the two people are so different. I guess all that crap about "Love is all you need" really is worthless.

I got a letter from S.A.L. today. I don't remember doing it, but apparently I sent him a [myspace] letter about the break-up letting him know he was right (he had guessed our fate after reading about our religious differences months ago). He told me he wasn't one to get advice from, because he and I are living by two different sets of morals. Long term goals vs. Short term goals. I think I actually needed his "short-run" perspective. I wish I were outgoing enough to live that way sometimes, but other times I'm glad to have my few very close friends and be relationship oriented. Maybe it's all linked to beer, who knows. I guess a very small part of my point here was that even Steven, who I had a big crush on for...7? 8 years? couldn't make me stop thinking about Ron. Not when he and I were together, certainly, but not now either. If there's anyone that could hit me up with a crush it's him, so I guess I'm doomed. Either that or I'm normal when it comes to recovery rates...which means I need 2 3/4 months, half the length of the relationship, before I start dating again. Not that I've ever really "dated" anyway, but you get what I mean.

That's all I have to say for now, I guess.
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