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Ruby Payne thoughts

Ruby Payne
thoughts on Poverty

The "Hidden Rules" section in this is really interesting. It brings up the
differences and ideals between classes. Something I've brought up many times
recently is on there.

Food. I buy "expensive" "Publix" food. I will not go to Wal-Mart to buy
food, even though it's cheaper. Why? Because the Publix food tastes better
to me. Because I trust Publix. Because it seems to go bad not as fast.
Because... I'm a food snob, apparently. Not to say that I won't very
occasionally shop somewhere else in a bind, when Publix is closed, but
generally it's my store of choice. This is because I like "quality" -- a
middle class value-- even though i am currently in situational poverty. I
spend my food stamps on $3 bread, 100% juice, pre-made sushi, and fresh
fruits and vegetables.

If you read the document, you'll see in the 'Hidden Rules' what each of the
classes eat-- the three classes being "generational poverty," "middle
class," and "wealth." Like I said, I prefer quality in my food. The
generationally impoverished tends to go for quantity-- they want food
to fill them up, and want as much food as they can get for as little as they
can get it for, and the wealthy go for presentation-- they want their
food to look nice. They also go for quality, but on top of that, it has to
be presented nicely, with sprigs of parsley or carrots shaped as butterflies
or whatever.

Anyway, it's really interesting, no matter what "class" you belong to, or
where you work. Of course, it's particularly interesting to me, because I
work with those in generational poverty, and am currently in situational

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