Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Who'd have ever thought that posting on livejournal would feel like a chore?

FYI, less than two months (August 21) till my 4 year LJ anniversary, from gatorglitter02 to _melissa_ to thisgirliknow. October (28ish?) will be my three-year with thisgirliknow

I'm competitive, and I know that. I don't play RISK because it isn't fun for me, because I'm bad at it. I only play games that I have a chance of winning. Similarly, I don't want to play without a challenge-- I'd either feel bad for winning by a lot and making the other person seem stupid, or I'd feel like I disgraced myself if I decided to not "live up to my potential"

Funny how living up to ones potential makes for a sore winner/sore loser status. Though I guess it isn'y my potential that makes me gloat or sulk.

In completely unrelated news, I beat Ron (and Nick and Melissada, though they voluntarily opted out) in Monopoly yesterday.

Indira ran into The Republican, a guy we became friends with, and I went on a date with last summer. She texted me about it, and then later called me to talk about it. Apparently he works at Red Lobster. Indira asked if I wanted her to give him my number, to which my answer was a quick "no." She was like, "so you can, you know, catch up." I thought about it for another half of a second.. and... yeah, no. Not for me. Nice guy and everything, but we were never really friends, don't really need to catch up on anything. It was nice to talk to Indira, though, to reminisce about last summer, which was both incredibly painful and incredibly amazing. Especially since when she first said "David" (the republican's name) I thought she was talking about someone ENTIRELY different and we got on that subject too. Ah. Indira and I have a LOT of history. Wow.

Speaking of last summer, I was just telling Aras (masterwolf) that so much has changed. I mean, last year I hadn't spoken to Aras in 6 years (since middle school) and this past year (for the majority of it) we became fairly good friends. I feel like I've already typed this.

Yasher Kochech to Deborah, yellowducks231 who did a FANTASMAL job on her haftorah and torah portions this morning.
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