Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Clothes fall apart :(

I bought new jeans today. By new, I mean $4.99 jeans at Goodwill. Since when did they go up in price? $4.99 is expensive!

Anyway, it was worth it, as my current pairs of jeans had been either falling off or falling apart My favorite pair has a hole near the back pocket thats pretty big, and my second favorite pair has a hole in the crotch in the front. My third favorite pair is okay for the first hour or so I wear them, but then they start to fall off. And I'm wearing my fourth favorite/least favorite pair-- which are slightly threadbare around the pockets and also a little too small. Yeah, and that's all I have.

Good story, right? Anyway, so I bought some jeans. And I don't have a size anymore-- one size is too small, the next size up is too big. I think I'm just funny shaped. My waist is too high, my hips start too high, so the waist will be small and the legs huge. Ugh.

I also bought several shirts (mostly summery tank tops), and two pairs of khaki shorts. My first two pairs that I can ever remember, actually. What's up with my legs actually looking tan in them? Anyway, I'm glad to own shorts. Thought about buying jean shorts too until I remembered that I hated them.


La de da. Waiting for my tutee..tutoree... STUDENT
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