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The six weird habits/things meme

I was tagged by Ron.

1. I adore string cheese, but I can't eat it when it's cold, because it doesn't string well.
I have to blow warm air onto it and massage/squeeze it with my hands until it's room temperature or warmer, at which point it strings much more easily.

2. If I'm going to the bathroom, I never let myself look in the mirror on the way in.
I guess I don't want to be contemplating how I look while I'm trying to pee. I'll even shut my eyes when I pass the mirror as to not get distracted by it. On the way out, I most certainly look, for probably longer than I should.

3. I HATE the sound/look of brushing teeth.
I always brush my teeth alone, with the door closed, because I don't want anyone to hear or see me, and I hate watching other people. It freaks me out for no good reason. I don't even look at myself while I'm brushing because I think it's gross. I try to brush three times a day (though recently it's been more like 2) so obviously it's not ruining my dental hygiene, but it is odd if there's a group of people getting ready for bed and I have to brush my teeth separately.

4. I hate finishing good books.
I don't ever want them to end. With Harry Potter, it's like "one big book" and with the ongoing story, I have to read the ends of the books... but I have never read the last chapter of "Wicked" (though I will now that "Son of a Witch" has come out) or Jennifer Government, or a few others.

5. If I'm on the phone with you at my apartment, I'm sitting at my computer playing Snood.
99% of the time. It's automatic, and subconscious. Whenever I get on the phone, I automatically walk to my computer and open Snood and start playing. I can't help it, and lots of times don't even realize I'm doing it. It doesn't distract me from the conversation, it's just something mindless to do while I'm on the phone. I generally only play the 'evil' level.

6. I used to pity those who updated from the LJ webpage, scoff at them with my high and mighty Semagic--
That is, until Januaryish 2004, when my computer decided it didn't like to get online. From January to April (when it was fixed) I was probably on Andrea's computer a bit too much, but since Semagic was open for HER, I would update from the webpage, and oddly, I've never gone back. I've tried to, and I always have the latest version, but now it's just habit to update from the webpage.

Okay, I get to tag six people who HAVEN'T already done this



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May. 6th, 2006 03:53 pm (UTC)
FYI... your description of what you need to do with the string cheese made me gag. Seriously. Warm cheese...barf.

I still LY though...
May. 6th, 2006 04:19 pm (UTC)
I never said my quirks weren't nasty. I BET YOUVE BRUSHED YOUR TEETH IN FRONT OF PEOPLE. EWWW..

hehee. <3
May. 8th, 2006 12:53 am (UTC)
Ew. no. nasty!
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