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Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

interviewed by my sister, subjectivity

1. What is your favorite piece of clothing, and why and where did it come from?
~Levi's jeans that I got from ROSS, just because they fit nicely
~My dark red three-quarter length sleeve shirt because it fits nicely, and is very comfortable. I also own it in brown and white. I never bought any of them, mom got them for me at Old Navy. First the maroon one, and the other two a few weeks later.
~A bright red salsa dress that I bought from Parisian, because I always feel like dancing when I'm wearing it
~Above all, my favorite piece of clothing is two pieces, and it's shoes. My REEF flip flops (Queen style) are THE MOST COMFORTABLE SHOES IN THE WORLD. They go with everything (or so I tell myself). Long walks are better in these than in tennis shoes. Seriously. I have two identical pairs, so they wear out more slowly and if I ever lose one-- tada! I have another.

2. Have your feelings on honesty vs. tactfulness changed at all as you've gotten older? Why or why not?
Yes, they've changed. I'm going to answer this in a jumble of thoughts, I hope to try to answer your question somewhere in there. Honesty isn't always the best policy. While it's good to be truthful, sometimes being overly truthful is unhelpful to yourself or others. White lies are occasionally necessary, as are occasional lies to yourself.I trick myself every morning with an alarm clock that's several minutes fast (I don't know how many, I wouldn't let myself look). It can be a larger scale. Of course, lying to yourself TOO much can't be good either. As for other types of lying, I think avoiding the truth when it will only hurt a person is okay, and I think that if you are telling the truth about something only to make yourself feel better, when you know it will hurt someone else, is also sucky.

3. What news story of the past year has commanded your interest the most and why? It can be local or national.
Hurricane Katrina really flipped me out because I knew people who were severely affected, and had planned to help with relief efforts myself. Even moreso because a close friend of mine took an opposite view of "shit happens" and I wanted to be able to fix everything that was going on. Other news stories that commanded my interest were read on the covers of magazines checking out at Publix.

4. Whatever happened to Fema?
If you mean F.E.M.A., uh.... I'm not in charge of that, but I can tell you it went downhill when that idiot was appointed. If you mean FEEMA (with two e's, learn how to spell your sister's imaginary friend's name!) she disappeared at some point. I suppose Monopoly is a two player game (one real, one fake), and Sally proved to be a better friend (let me win more?). Then again, Feema was younger than me, maybe I got too mature and didn't want to play with her anymore because she was just a little kid, and I was a big girl.

5. In general, do you think you will get along better with a daughter or a son?

I think I'd be able to connect more with a daughter, and I'm probably going to end up turning any son I have gay, simply because I'd rather play with Cabbage Patch Kids than G.I. Joe's. Or atleast he'd turn out to be a mama's boy. Maybe it's also because I have a better connection with mom than dad that I think this. I'll be happy as long as my children are healthy... but no worries, I won't be having any kids for atleast 6 or 7 years.

Leave a comment if you'd like me to interview you :)
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