Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Written this morning...

"How would you die on Oregon Trail" quiz. I thought I'd like it, but it's all.. in color and stuff! I miss old school Oregon Trail. Indira and I would whisper into my dad's mac plus, "Antelope, Buffalo, deer, deer" and then one would come out. Hunting was definitely our greatest pasttime on the game. And we'd always save right before we went across the river, because we were terrible at it, and someone was bound to die.

When Sabrina wakes up, we're going swimming. I should really work on editing Adult Ed stuff today, but I've got until 4 tomorrow... and putting things off is fabulously fun.. except then it haunts you while you're doing all the fun things that you're doing while you should be working. That was a grammatically cringe-worthy sentence.

Yesterday all my humanitarianness fell through. I had planned on cleaning up Magnolia School as part of "Alumni Weekend," cooking for the homeless shelter, and helping my little sister with her (group) project on the digestive system. Instead, I ended up going to my parents house, where I learned that my mom had already left for Magnolia School, so I cut up some canteloupe for Deborah (it was beautifully arranged, if that counts). Then, I learned that we weren't cooking for the shelter because my mom was going to go listen to a Holocaust speaker, so she asked someone else to do the cooking for her. Then, Deb and crew didn't really need help, and I was just walking around aimlessly... so I took Padfoot and Kelev over to Ron's and then we went to the doooog parrrrrk. Kelev was much better than last time. Maybe she is more used to it, maybe it was different park, or maybe it was just because she had Padfoot there to get her out of her shell. At any rate, there was only one instance of her running away from a dog with her tail between her legs. Otherwise, she was if not friendly, polite.. and she enjoyed playing with Padfoot. OH! AND PADFOOT FETCHED. He's never really done that before, so I was incredibly proud of him. We tried to get him to do it over again, but with no luck. Oh well. We'll work on it in the future.

Overheard: "It's the muppet dog!" "He's like a puppet!" "It's like.. an energetic mop!"

I wonder if Pad knew that that was his last time in Ron's apartment. No no, we aren't breaking up or anything. It's his apartment complex. They left him a note on Friday saying he had to pay a $300 pet fee because he had a dog. Uh, NO. I called the complex this morning, explained the situation, begged, and begged a little more, and they removed the fee. BUT, they are still doing random checks, and because of the situation they are going to be "targeting" his apartment. No way can I ever afford $300, and no way would I make Ron pay it, so yeah. Padfoot's not allowed back there. :(
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