Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Long day

This is going to be very poorly written and organized. I'm tired, so you can get over it. Perhaps I shouldn't be trying to edit right now?

Work work work. Meetings at Adult Ed, to figure out schedule. A huge room I get to organize. Learner writings to edit. PALC to edit. Deliverables to learn about (gosh my grant writing skills are going crazy).

Depositing $8.08 into checking and $0.26 into savings, as I hung out searching for change at the drive thru. Stalling mostly ;)
Bringing Ron popsicles because the AC is down at his job, and he was burning up. Lemon-lime.

Work work work.

Bathing Padfoot. And trimming him where his hair was a little matted. He's beautifully clean now.

Mario Party + American Idol (with Sab, Ken, and Jay). I won. Mario Party, not American Idol. Glad Elliott didn't go home! Bye bye hottie.

Over to Ron's
Kosher l'Pesach icecream
Watching him eat kosher l'Pesach salad dressing when the fabulous french vinaigrette was nearby.
Interesting eggplant recipe. Not in a hurry to make it again. Not terrible, though.

One more day until I can eat normal food again. I'm craving.. get this.. vegetable soup, which I couldn't have before because of corn, peas, and string beans. But alas, tomorrow I plan to make spaghetti. And garlic bread! Passover rocks the casbah, really, but the lack of complex carbohydrates is enough to totally flip me out.

I'm swimming tomorrow morning.
Tags: judaism, padfoot, ron

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