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I'm loving the navigation bar feature. There's a bunch of other new LJ stuff out, too. I think it's in news if you're interested.

True to self, I'm being stupid and postponing the Big Talk. She said either Friday or Monday, and although getting it over with would probably be best, I have an important weekend, and if it IS bad, I don't wat to talk about it. Yet. Of course, I have a workshop Saturday, so work isn't entirely avoidable. I wish I wasn't avoiding it in the first place, but unfortunately that's the un-disciplined person I am. Yikes.

So in lieu of having the talk, I actually DO have some work to do in the PR area for this workshop Saturday, so we should be all good and well.

Matthew and Vivi (and Naomi, Kalina, and Alan) will be here Wednesday-- for Pesach. Sneaks up so quickly, huh. I brought some bread and other chometz over to Ron's house. Just stuff that will go bad over the week that I can't eat it-- although, I'm not koshering my kitchen at all. I plan to eat every meal at my parents house-- or atleast every dinner. Matzah and salami for lunch, anyone?

I think it's time to go back to sleep for some sort of nap thing.
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