Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Back from State Latin Forum-- I'd say my FAVORITE SCL year ever! (remember the contenders, though)

Rode with Sara (pandora48sch). Other than That's Entertainment Dictatorship from a first-year SCLer, it was fantastic, pretty much. The third day wasn't as cool, because I didn't get to see any of the awards ceremony, the swearing in, the cideo, or anything, but that's okay.

Congrats to my little sister Deborah (yellowducks231) who got a 5th place in Customs and a 7th place in Vocabulary!

Made lots of nice SCL money, but more importantly, recruited like mad! This was also our best year for recruiting slashers, which rocks.

Made new friends, rethought opinions on people I didn't previously care for, and kept some of my same old opinions on a few certains.

Phil Miller, our non-existant president from this past year showed up for one day, which was really odd. Atleast he ran Open Certamen, but yeah... Hopefully our new president enjoynathaniel will do a better job. You up to the job, Nate?

Speaking of Open Certamen, Deb and crew decided not to play... and they would have done well, too. :(

Kendal was there, which rocks. She's a new Latin teacher in Alabama, but was an integral part of SCL the past 6 or so years.. so it was awesome to see her. I'm also glad that Andrea (anditut) decided to drive over for the second half of Forum.

I got more sleep than I had planned. i think I got 6 hours this weekend! Wooo hoooo.

Less scandal this year than past years, because of a lack of SCL hookups (or so I am led to believe).

Uhhh, I guess that's it. We rock. Meetings every month from now on!
Tags: cobbcertamen, latin, scl

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