Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

I had a dream that I met Elliot!

(this is very jumbled and messy, but it's all I could remember)

Melissa and I were roommates, and Nick and Ron were roommates, and our rooms were right next to eachother, and Ron liked to keep his heater on right near his bed so his bed would be really warm, but we had never slept in there because he had an apartment somewhere else perhaps? and we all went to FSU. I guess I was in Nick and Ron's room and saw a UF thing that said "Melissa L" on it and then I was like, oh that must be me (my middle name is Leah), until I realized that the other Melissa's last name started with an L (which it actually doesn't, but it did in my dream) but then FSU came like, crashing down because of some sort of nuclear power thing, and then we may have been on this plane which may have also been a flea market, and then Elliot from American Idol showed up! I tried to get pictures with him, but my phone wasn't working. He was nice about it and all but you could tell he was annoyed-- I didn't care. I finally got pictures through all the jumble where you could see both of us, and then hugged him indulgently (haha). I remember trying to find Ron so they could meet, but it wasn't gonna happen, Ron was on a different plane or something (though there was no question that he was okay) and then..I either drifted into dreamless sleep, or worke up right then. I just rememebred it though, reading all the posts in the americanidol community.

Man.. I wish I had seen last night. It seems like it kind of sucked, but after reading everyone's opinions on Katharine's clothing or Taylor's hair, I want to see it! Oh well. It's not on any torrent download sites yet :(
Tags: dreams, ron
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