Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

I feel like I posted something and it never showed up. Or perhaps I never did at all, or perhaps it was a comment. My memory seems to be failing me.

Today's my last Certamen session with the Cobb kids before State. They leave tomorrow, I leave Thursday. It's hard to believe that State is coming up so quickly.

State Latin Fora:

1999: Radisson Twin Towers. Sara and I get the picture of us taken with the balloons. We room with Kari Lulofs. Sara and I become good friends, partially because of State. Also, had huge crush on Michael Mears. Year of "Hi, I'm Bruce" (places: 6th Level I Dramatic Interpretation, 7th Level I Greek Derivatives)

2000: Elevators in Chairs, and the Bruce-Adam-Scott-Jake group from Latin 1. Roomed with Sara. And Sarah? Saw Marsha Walper with her hair down for the very first time. (5th place Level II Dramatic Interpretation, 8th place Level II Greek Derivatives)

2001: Roomed with Sara, Sarah, and Adriane. We made Adriane sleep in the bathtub. Year of the mini ketchup bottles! Crush on Ryan Flemming. Year of the FIRST PLACE Adv Poetry Dramatic Interpretation, suckas! 6th Adv. Greek Derivatives

(Nationals at Tulane, summer 2001: hung out with the three coolest guys ever, Quin, Glenn, and David. Gave them names and balloons.

2002: Did not hang out with best friends from Nationals Quin and Glenn. DID hang out with future-stalker David Ring. Seana as Miss Cleo and hilarity ensues. Three of us the only three from Godby, but many friends from around Florida that we had met at Nationals. First year at the Hyatt. Roomed with Sara. 2nd place Adv. Poetry Dramatic Interpretation, 6th place Adv. Greek Derivatives

2003: First year as SCLer. Wrote AWESOME Harry Potter mystery test with Sara and Andrea. Went swimming in clothes after Justin said, "I love you but I'm not in love with you." Opted out of playing Trivial Pursuit. Roomed with twelveish SCLers.

2004: Boring year, first year at Grosvenor. Made black t-shirts and was picked on for the word "cuniculus." "Hokay" was a big word that year (from flash animation, "The End of the World"). Roomed with all SCLers.

2005: One of the worst weekends of my life. Ended things with Rob. Fabulous "That's Entertainment" sketches. Roomed with all SCLers.

So far, there has definitely been a rise and a fall, with year '02 as the best! Let's change it up! Let's make '06 the best ever (considering it's probably my last...). It'll be Deborah's first year! IT WILL ROCK HARDCORE.
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