Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

general update

I haven't updated LJ much at all recently. Miss me?

I spent twenty minutes this morning looking for my phone. Turns out it was in my back pocket. I'm such a doof.

Today I took the Introduction to Disasters* Red Cross class. Despite the freezing cold room, it was actually fairly interesting and fun. I'm now certified in it for life (which is nice, because my CPR, First Aid, and Lifeguarding certifications run out often). It was held at TCC, and I'm almost POSITIVE I saw xmellyx's sister there. I didn't say hi because she was busy talking to someone and besides has no idea who I am, but it was neat to see her in person. I'm pretty sure. Melissa, can you ask her if she was at the TCC food court area in the Student Union around 3:30?

My mommy is sick. I'm over at the house right now making her chicken soup for dinner. I hate being sick, so I know others must really hate it as well :(. It's a whole chicken that I'm using, and I cannot seem to pull the little baggy with the liver in it out of the chicken pupic. It's making me mad.

I got called by DCF for my phone interview today. I have to send in a letter with proof of income and a copy of my Driver's license, and then I'll be cleared.

Took Padfoot to the dog park yesterday. I think he likes the peole more than the humans. Anything that'll give him attention. this tiny minature pinscher started humping him at one point. padfoot looked ginormous next to him. Twas hilarious.

It's getting hot outside. I hate heat. yesterday I bought: a sundress, because man, I wanted one, and shorts. first shorts I've bought since maybe 2000 that aren't Soffe's. These are actually really long sorts though, they go to my knees. They only make three kinds of shorts: skanky really short shorts, mommy, baggy, ugly shorts, and awesome tomboy-currently-in-style-long-bermuda shorts. Or something. Anyway, yay jean shorts! I also bought a shirt, but it's more of a work shirt than a "hang out outside in the hot hot sun" shirt.

Tonight is Purim. Megillah reading at.. I forgot what time, but I'm going with my fam. I'm debating costume vs. no costume. Im wearing a red shirt. I may find a headband cut out some cherries, and go as cherry filling. Don't knock it, it's an awesome costume. I've previously gone as chocolate chip, blueberry, and mohn (poppy seed) fillings, so it could continute with the trend.

My throat is starting to hurt. Good thing I'm making chicken soup. Here's hoping I don't get sick (again)!

I'm going to go wrestle with the liver baggy some more. Great fun!

*I just wrote that "distasters" for the second time, the first time being on my board at home.
Tags: food, judaism, work
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