Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

I eat red meat very very rarely. Not because I like animals so much that I can't stand to eat them.. it's more like I just stopped liking red meat. I'd say that I have it 3-4 times/year. Tonight, I had fabulous steak at my parents house. I had almost forgotten how wonderful a good dose of iron can make you feel. I felt almost normal, for the first time in a few days-- it was my first full meal since Wednesday.

Whilst cooking with my mommy, we watched the Superbowl. No no, that's not right. We watched the commercials. When the football would come back on, we'd go back to cooking. We're such good little girls. Anyway, we only watched a few, but I was definitely a fan of the FedEx commercial. There was something hauntingly amusing about the way the caveman kicked the little dinosaur.

No work tomorrow, yay. I mean, I still have to work for a bit, but I'm not going in. I also have to go by Cobb to sign some forms so I can be a "mentor" with the students.

I could have plans for tonight if I wanted them. But do I? Part of me wants to stay home and sleep, and the other part of me needs to get out and hang with live humans.*

I'm opting for sleep, but leaving it up to other people to call me to make plans. I certainly don't feel like organizing anything.

*I typed "livejour" before I realized what I was doing.
Tags: cobbcertamen, health, work
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