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Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Melissa and Deborah

Our names mean the same thing. Mine's Greek, her's is Hebrew. They are both "honey"

Three instances of weird.

I. The synagogue. Deborah and I walk in together. Andi Cohen (Religion School director) says hi to us, and then asks Deborah, "Is your mom coming?" Deb says no, Andi asked how she got here. Deborah points to me and says, "she took me." We walk outside, and then standing near the door, Andi motions ot me. I walk in, and she says, "Don't you have a little sister? Is your little sister coming?" I say yes, point back to Deb, and say, "she's right there." I walk to my car, sit in it for an approximate hour and a half, walk back into the synagogue where Andi tells me, "Oh, I got you mixed up with Aniko." Aniko being my little sister's thirteen year old friend. Riiiight.

II. Mori's Steakhouse. First of all, I saw Steve, and Martin was our waiter, so that was odd. Sara, Debbie and I were there, sitting Sara - Melissa - Deborah. Our cook asks Sara if Deborah is her sister. Um, no. I say, "No, she's my sister.

III. Video Warehouse. We walk in, and the guy behind the counter asks if we're sisters. I say yes, but that I don't think we look anything alike. They said we definitely did, by our demeanor as well as looks. Then they said something about us looking a year or two apart. Atleast they assumed that I was the older one, though. I asked what ages they thought we looked, and they said 16 and 18. I said then that we were 21 and 13, and the guy's eyes bugged out, like he couldn't even believe it, and told us we definitely looked closer in age than that.

So my question to you is... Do Deborah and I look alike? Apparently we do in some circumstances, but in others, even when *I* was sitting next to Deborah, our cook thought SARA and Deborah looked alike. What's your take? And how old do we look?

Even if we do look alike, WHY THE HECK DO PEOPLE KEEP BRINGING IT UP!?

This one is from tonight:
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