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It's 6:09 AM and I'm somehow awake and fully rested. I slept a bunch of yesterday, which was pretty much marvelous. I didn't end up going to Gainesville (I blame every one of you Talleans - you could have gone with me), but it probably worked out for the best. Instead I got some much needed sleep and some "me" time. I've always said I didn't need this supposed "me" time, but I guess it isn't true. Yesterday I didn't really feel like being around anyone anyone at all, I just wanted to be alone. I talked on the phone some, which was okay. It was just the amount of loneliness supressor that I needed.

I'm looking forward to Regionals on Saturday for a crapload of reasons. I plan on bringing some M&Ms for me and Sara as a tribute to Ms. Walper, who always had them with her at Regionals as "Memory-Minders." This will be my eighth Regional Latin Forum, my 4th as an SCLer, and I think my fourth judging Dramatic Interpretations (which was one of my contests back as a JCLer, a catergory I dominated muchly). I also hope that we'll do some sort of SCL thing afterwards. I really miss SCL functions. For those who care, I plan to wear my black SCL shirt, as my ATAVI one is faded, my pink one has a green girl on the back, my red one isn't flattering (the sleeves?), and my JCL shirts don't seem appropriate anymore. Here's hoping I can find the black shirt!

Next Wednesday, my sister Deborah (yellowducks231) is spending the night. I told my parents when I moved out that I would do this for money (includes feeding her, taking her to school on time, and in this case taking her to Hebrew after school on Wednesday). I thought I'd use it as a way to give my parents alone time, and an easy guiltless way for them to give me money. It turns out that they actually need it though, because both parentals will be out of town at the same time. I figure Deb and I will have a grand old time, and perhaps even splurge my baby-sitting fee and go out to dinner, a luxury I've hardly been able to afford recently.

It's sad that right when I start working out regularly I bring my sweet tooth back. Last night I ran for about a half hour (in place) and did about 500 crunches, and then did something that the yuppies refer to as "Yogalates." After that I ate about ten oreos. It so stupid. I feel like I have the right to eat them, but then realize how much better I would look if I didn't. Or like, "I ate icecream and still lost a pound!" could be "I lost two pounds" or something. Le sigh. I don't think I'm on track for the contest, which was $50 to anyone who lost ten pounds by the end of February. So far I lost half a pound, and ten pounds in a month is NOT healthy. Mi madre said she might extend it to the end of March, but I'm still going to pretend it's February so I don't slack. It's funny how we lie to ourselves.

Speaking of lying to yourself, Indira and I had a discussion last night about coping devices and mental disorders. She imagines* things didn't happen, whereas I make up things that are happening. Like, she refuses to admit that 8th grade prom happened, she has totally wiped out a bunch of 2005 (dealing with a guy), and she just lives life as if the experiences didn't touch her (although of course she learned from them). Relating to Indira (because everything does), I make up things that didn't happen, or find reasons to justify why they didn't. "He's not calling you because he's so in love with you and can't bear to see you," also relating to her 2005 guy. They probably happen in my own life as well, little things that I make up just to make everything seem better for myself. She asked me to ponder it last night and come up with other ways that we both do this in our opposite ways, but I couldn't. I tend to forget situations and dialogues (not on purpose, like Dips, I just happen to not have a very good memory for such things).

*Haha, imagines**. Wax sculptures of ancestors.
**I am so reminded of "fat-es" per Amanda Rios when I say this word
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