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Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Jewish Snape

Today was fabulous. The quick run-down.

Woke up, Vivi and Alan had gotten in last night, and my mom was making pancakes. Ate pancakes, hung out, talked, BOUT to take a shower, when Indira calls. Deb knocks, "She has to talk to you right now!" So I get out, and Vivi is hanging up the phone with Indira, who is apparently coming over. I'm toweled and about to hop in the shower with Padfoot, so my mom goes and picks her up.. I wont get into the reason she was coming over, but we had fabulous puppetry and innuendo and fabulousness, as Mel and Dips always do.

Started working on dinner, aka BBQ chicken with coleslaw, etc. Indira finally musters up the courage to go back home. Spoke with Justin for awhile about his Christmas weekend. He's joining my club that Indira and I invented: "My family drives me crazy batty insane." For awhile they really were. As the night progressed they got better, thank goodness.

Vivi's friend Kim and her boyfriend Jason came over. Lit candles, opened presents (tonight: a present for the three Abrams girls which was a chocolate menorah/dreidle making kit, and a hair scrunchie and four cents. It's a really long story, but that second gift was hilarious). Showed Kim the scrapbook from Walps, she had great time and memories looking through it. Ate dinner, then dessert. Kim had brought over a ton of cookies she and her mom made, and they were not only fabulous, but addictive. We also drank some Santa's White Christmas coffee Deb had gotten my dad. And by drank, I mean I personally smelled it. I love the smell of Santa's White Christmas.

Then played Cranium. Girls against Boys. Girls won... and then we went through the middle four again before they finished. I always get so ...not NERVOUS, per se, but worried about not winning board agmes, and then I end up being fabulous. Despite appearances, I am not as cocky as I seem. Actually, I'm not sure exactly how it ended, I think the boys may have forfeited. Anyway, so I'm not sure because I had to walk out because...well lets say Tuttle is catching up to me. Yeah. And I expect FULL DETAILS if not tomorrow then this weekend.

So with Cranium over, we spent about another hour talking, bickering (ah, bicker) and spinning dreidles with no real purpose or intent. Then listened to my iDog and wtached it spin, got sat on by Deborah, and tickled. Weeesh!

And now bed. Melissa's tired.

Verizon plan changed and mobile web canceled

Call Skyview. Can I move in tomorrow? or wait till Wednesday?
Latke party at 4. Jews invited. And non-jews, if you really want to come listen to Jews bickering and yelping that they peeled their fingers off (it happens with latkes)

Booty so far:
drawing of nickel, drawing of scrunchie with hair in it, four cents
chocolate making kit for me and my sisters

(Uh, for those people thinking "geez, Chanukah sucks" keep in mind that I only asked for one thing: money. I haven't opened any envelopes yet)
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