Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Because I owe LJ a real entry

  • I updated my userinfo. It's not any better, and there's nothing new... I just changed the format around a little bit.

  • I read the first two Charlie Bone/Children of the Red King books over again. I hadn't read them for a few years, and I felt I owed it to myself to not knock books anymore. We all know what happened with Harry Potter.

  • I move.. soon. At the latest, Wednesday, but hopefully before then. Danielle and Oliver (the couple I am subleasing from) said they would likely be out by today. I'm hoping that the office will be open so I can call and see if they've changed the locks tomorrow, and start moving in. Whoopee for my own apartment, finally! Plus, thanks to nikita9041 who has a bunch leftover from her wedding, I'm going to have tons of kitchen supplies. :)

  • Vivi and Alan get here Sunday. It's nice to have some family in for Chanukah, even though it is a stupid, minor holiday. I get so mad when people tell me "Merry Christmas! I mean.. Happy Chanukah!" The two are not related. "Happy Chanukah" is not a substitute for "Merry Christmas." If I say "Merry Christmas" don't say "Happy Chanukah." Say "thank you." Arrrrgh.
    Stick with a nice "Happy New Year" if you must.

  • I went to the synagogue tonight. Seems like we are picking up our numbers once again. I think we had enough for two minyans! It's been a long time since I heard "Tzadik k'tamar" so full and round.

  • I'm really going to miss Village Inn when it leaves, especially since we've finally taken over the place again, and charmed our way into the hearts of all the servers. Everyone knows we're not actually going to go visit when it's way the heck on the other side of town. That's why Indira and I have decided to take over Black Dog Cafe.

  • Not working these two weeks is the life. I wish I could do this always. Go out with friends, stay out till five every night, not have to wake up for anything the next day.... It's going to suck butt going to back to work next week.

  • I love grey carpet skirts. That's why I own four.
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