Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

the show FRIENDS comes in handy, and real life friends do too. The boy aptly dubbed "Craptard" has made a mistake... right?

Craptard: lol, well, like monday night or something I told her I didn't like her enough to be in a commited relationship, but I didn't want to give up on it, so I was still planning on going to g-ville next week
Craptard: Tonight she says she wouldn't be comfortable me being there a couple days so I said I'd just go down for one night, especially so I could give her the christmas present I got her
Craptard: She says she doesn't want it, return it, etc
Craptard: On top of which everyone else seems to be getting laid tonight and I'm stuck studying for two more exams
thisgirliknow4: "I told her I didn't like her enough to be in a commited relationship, "
thisgirliknow4: BAD
thisgirliknow4: BAD BAD BAD
thisgirliknow4: of course she doesn't want to see you
Craptard: I was being honest
thisgirliknow4: in fact, she doesn't like you anymore
thisgirliknow4: no no no
thisgirliknow4: let downs... no being honest
thisgirliknow4: girls say they want honesty, they don't
Craptard: Oh well, guess that's why I've never been able to make anything work
thisgirliknow4: you make up an excuse. she still knows the truth, but it hasnt hurt her so badly
thisgirliknow4: did you not get the memo?
Craptard: lol, I don't play games
Craptard: They piss me off and seem cowardly
thisgirliknow4: its not a game
Craptard: Yes it is
Craptard: if you've got to jump around the truth, then it's a game to see how well you can make up something or cover up what's really going on
Craptard: That's why some girls are so rediculous, they can't break up with a guy but they'll do whatever it takes to make the guy break up with them. It's just a fucking game to girls.
thisgirliknow4: Gah. I'm looking up a quote for you

ALL: Hey, Pheebs! Hi!
ROSS: Hey. Oh, oh, how'd it go?
PHOEBE: Um, not so good. He walked me to the subway and said 'We
should do this again!'
ALL: Ohh. Ouch.
RACHEL: What? He said 'we should do it again', that's good, right?
MONICA: Uh, no. Loosely translated 'We should do this again' means
'You will never see me naked'.
RACHEL: Since when?
JOEY: Since always. It's like dating language. Y'know, like 'It's not
you' means 'It is you'.
CHANDLER: Or 'You're such a nice guy' means 'I'm gonna be dating
leather-wearing alcoholics and complaining about them to
PHOEBE: Or, or, y'know, um, 'I think we should see other people'
means 'Ha, ha, I already am'.
RACHEL: And everybody knows this?
JOEY: Yeah. Cushions the blow.
CHANDLER: Yeah, it's like when you're a kid, and your parents put your
dog to sleep, and they tell you it went off to live on some

Craptard: lol
Craptard: life based on the teachings of friends
Craptard: what's the world come to
Craptard: Stuff like that is why there is so much cheating and morality is going to hell. No one has the balls to be upfront with anyone else anymore
Craptard: I'm not excluding myself from the statement, just making an observation
thisgirliknow4: anyway, its like telling a girl she doesn'tlook fat if she asks
thisgirliknow4: even if she does
thisgirliknow4: you wouldnt do that would you?
Craptard: I'd say she looked great or not
Craptard: The word fat would never cross my lips
Craptard: I'm not that stupid
thisgirliknow4: and thats not playing games
Craptard: Just cause a girl looks big doesn't mean she's still not attractive
thisgirliknow4: in the same way you don't tell her a girl you don't "like her enough" to be in a committed relationship
Craptard: No, becuase then you are reassuring a person of their self worth without lying about their inaquacies
Craptard: I must be tired, I almost sound articulate
thisgirliknow4: you just don't do it.
thisgirliknow4: use any other reason
Craptard: lol, no
Craptard: Any way you do it it's going to make someone feel bad
Craptard: so why try and pin it on something that's not really there.
thisgirliknow4: okay
thisgirliknow4: I'm posting this on LJ
thisgirliknow4: without your name
Craptard: What?
thisgirliknow4: and we'll get opinions
Craptard: lol, everyone will agree with you
Craptard: But the thing is I'm nothing like you or most people
thisgirliknow4: you have to play the game to win the game
thisgirliknow4: and in the end, she'll thank you
Craptard: lol, I can always win a game straight up
Craptard: Might not be as easy, but it can be done, and I feel more accomplished for it
Craptard: When did anything that provided a lasting good come easy?
thisgirliknow4: still
thisgirliknow4: youre not getting laid
thisgirliknow4: and probably, she won't talk to you again
Craptard: It's not worth it if it is meaningless
thisgirliknow4: now you dont even have a chance for it, even though you actually wanted one
Craptard: oh well
Craptard: Not meant to be then
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