Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Last February, my parents either sent a check or transferred $1003 into Rob's account, so that a collections agency could collect it from an outstanding credit card I had my freshman year.

This was during a few-month hiatus that I didn't have a checking account, so Rob and I were doing joint checking on his account, but my name wasn't on there. Right around this time, I got my Compass account.

Currently, an agency is calling me saying that the account was not settled in full, and that whatever agency it was merely took the money as a payment, and that I still owe on the balance (which has been adding up since February). The last address they have for me is at Sterling (where I moved out of in July 2004), so I have no idea whether they have been trying to reach me or not.

I couldn't find the letter they sent saying my card was paid off/settled in full. I don't know the name of the company, which this current guy is saying is the first step to finding out what happened with all of this, since I was definitely assured that the account was settled, and I was through with it forever. So you can imagine my surprise when "Mr. Morris" called me today to say I owed money to his agency who just "bought" my account.

So, to get this information, I first searched all over my bills/etc. looking for something relating to this. When I found nothing, I tried calling Rob. He hung up on me. Tried calling again and left a message, and then I sent him an e-mail in the hopes that he'll actually read it and because he's a good person, send me the information that I need (just the name of the agency).

So now, I'm not counting on any hope from Rob, and trying to get back in touch with this "Mr. Morris" guy, and .. get this... I wait on hold for about ten minutes, and then I get hung up on, during the wait music. Three times so far. WTF. I called back a fourth time, and "the whole floor is in a meeting" according to the woman who answered the phone. But still, why would the machine/a human hang up on me? This is very very frustrating.

Before, he said he'd try to work something out. I don't think the man understands that I really have NO money to spare. I don't even have $25/mo to try to pay back this thing over many many years. The amount they say I owe is $680! Which has apparently had 30% interest, and has been collecting since .. well, a long time ago, but hasn't stopped at all since February. WHAT. THE. FREAK.

So now I'm financially messed up, emotionally messed up (a la Rob) and extremely upset at whatever company lied to me and told me I was settled in full. And mad at myself, for not keeping records of all of this, or atleast not taking the records to Tallahassee with me.
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