Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

I don't like the new "HAPPY HOLIDAYS LIVEJOURNAL" sign at the top of the screen. It looks like an ad, and I SO want to adblock it.

I feel much better today. I'm still stuffy and earachey and sore-throaty, but seriously, LOADS better. Oh, and I keep having insane coughing fits, but ANYWAY. Earlier today I burped sixteen times in a row. That's my new thing. Burping. Especially if I drink all those liquids my mother keeps forcing down my throat. This sixteen-burp saga was over a tiny sip. A tiny sip!

Today I actually went out of the house. Sara came and picked me up, and we left for a couple hours. Fresh air was gooood. Then, my mom and I went out later and rented "When Harry Met Sally" and got some mint chocolate chip icecream (the only kind I'll eat) because it would be good for my poor sore throat. So that's TWICE that I've been out of my house since Monday, both times in the past 11 hours. Oh, what a thrilling life I do lead.

Good things come of it, though. I finished both OoTP and HBP this week. I realized lots of crap that I never noticed the first time around, including more evidence as to why Aberforth is the bartender at Hog's Head, that I could never find before. Also, could ya'll people please tell Sara that Harry is a horcrux? She refuses to admit it/believe me. Her retort was, "but then... Harry has to die..." Doi.

Tomorrow should be more fun. My mom promised that if we both happened to get up early, we could go shopping at garage sales. I LOVE garage sales. Other people's junk is always so appealing to me. Anyway, we used to go together fairly often way back when, but I haven't been to a sale in years, so tomorrow I want to go. Of course, I'll probably forget and sleep through it... but yeah. Maybe the anticipation is the fun part. And thennn tomorrow night if I'm better I want to go out on the town! My first non-Thanksgiving weekend being 21, woooWOOOO!
Tags: family, sara, sick

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