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(November 22 - December 21)
the centaur Archer. Mutable, fire, yang - planetary ruler: Jupiter. Keywords: "I SEE"

Sagittarius is the ninth house of the zodiac and rules the liver, hips, and thighs. Positive traits include optimism, innate wisdom, a philosophical outlook, a love of nature, generosity, joie de vive, flexibility, a keen intellect, independence, energy, natural good luck, foresight, and the capacity to dream big; negative traits include restlessness, tactlessness, clumsiness, naivete, unwillingness to commit, and a tendency to ignore important details while looking at a big, sketchy picture.

That's pretty darn true.


Gryffindors born under this sign are exuberant and full of good humour. They are intelligent, but often do not make the best of students, because they would rather be outside enjoying the fresh air or off studying on their own. They aren't good at diplomatic silence; if a teacher makes a mistake, the Gryffindor Sag will draw attention to it right away, usually loudly and in front of the entire class. At length. These students can get into trouble - their hot tempers make for easy dueling matches, and their impish senses of humour inspire a great many practical jokes. Still, they rarely mean anything malicious. They're too jovial to harbour malice. These Gryffindors are likeable extraverts, on good terms with practically everybody, and they generally do all right in the end. Many excellent Quidditch players come from this sign.


Hufflepuff Sagittarians are good-natured, cheerful, and clever, and their natural skill at teaching other people what they have learned ensures that they will be professors or magical tutors upon leaving Hogwarts. Their outdoorsy ways also give them a gift with all growing things and wildlife. These wizards have more difficulty than most wizards of their house applying themselves to their studies; Sagittarius is a sign of intellect, but not discipline, and it is painful for Hufflepuffs born under this sign to do homework when they'd rather be out on the Quidditch field or taking nature hikes. They will knuckle down, but not without protest. Although they are socially graceless, their good natures make up for any accidental offenses they may commit.


Ravenclaw Sagittarians are the philosophers of the magical world. They love pure theory, pure mathematics, and anything that appeals to their yearning for far horizons, whether those horizons be physical (in which case they will do a lot of traveling) or mental. They excel at astrology and research, and have the rare gift of both being able to investigate a subject deeply and then being able to explain it to other people in plain language. This makes for excellent teaching potential. They are cheerful, athletic, brisk, and humourous, and also decidedly eccentric. Sometimes they get on people's nerves, because they don't have as many interpersonal skills as they seem to think they have, but it's hard to stay mad at a Ravenclaw Sagittarian for very long. They're just too goofy.


Yes, Virginia, Sagittarians can get sorted into House Slytherin. And not always as Quidditch players, either, although there have been jokes made about how the Hat will sort big, tall Sags into Slytherin just to pad out the team. Slytherin Sagittarians are sorted primarily because of their ability to dream; these Sags have a vision, and with the support of their House, can channel their energies to great achievements. In return they give their House something priceless beyond rubies: a sense of perspective. Temporary failure is not humiliating to the Sagittarius Slytherin, merely a temporary setback in pursuit of a goal. They can laugh at themselves even when other people are laughing at them, and of course that turns the joke on the idiots who came up with it in the first place. (How devious.) Although bright, these Slytherins will coast through their classes if they can get away with it; they'd rather envision the future than attend to the details of the present.
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