Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

I took a short day. I'm ear-aching and coughing all over da place. No idea whether I am going to go to Legends at 3:30 as planned. Right now, I just want to die. ::hacking cough::

to pass the time.. a survey.

I. What does the name say on your birth certificate? Melissa Leah Abrams
II. What is the name that all your friends call you by? Melissa, but really all my friends have different names for me. Indira calls me Mel or Melissant. Andrea calls me Mellish, Sara calls me Melaquisha at times...
III. What day of the year do you blow out the candles? Nov 23
IV. Which country authorized your passport? Don't have one, but I'm an American citizen
V. What are you Zodiac and Chinese signs? Sagittarius, Rat
VI. In terms of politics, do you sit on the right or the left? Left
VII. Look in the mirror. The color of your hair is what? Dark dark brown, with a little bit of red
VIII. Look in the mirror one more time, what color are your eyes? really really really dark brown-- darker than all my friends. No red in my eyes, cause that'd be creepy.

Home Sweet Home
I. Who are all those other people living in your house? My mommy, my daddy, my sister Deborah, Deb's dog Kelev, and my muppet/fraggle mix Padfoot
II. Do you get along with mom or dad better? mom, generally, but we fight more too
III. What do your parents' friends call them? Rochel and Michael/Mike
IV. Any siblings living outside the house? Matthew (29) and Vivi (26). Also, a fake half-sister named Frannie
V. What's the name of the city you live in currently? Tallahassee
VI. You love it there, don't you? I like the people here. Otherwise I can't wait to get out.
VII. If you could live absolutely anywhere on the Earth, what location would you choose? I haven't tried many places yet. Get back to me.
VIII. Out of all those blood related, immediate or other, which single person would you list as your favorite? I don't know how to define "Favorite" so.... wtf?
IX. Who is one you wish you didn't share blood with? No one really, though my aunts and uncles get to me sometimes
X. Overall, you like mom's side of the family more, or dad's? I like both sides.

Confidentiality & Beliefs
I. What's your worst fear? I have dreams that I am sterile, which would be pretty much life-breaking to me. Also, I hate dishwashers.
II. Have you ever acted troubled just to get attention? Oh, I'm sure I have in the past.
III. Do you believe in God? Jesus? Satan? Heaven? Purgatory? I really. really. really. dislike this question. It would take me pages upon pages to answer, and no one wants to read it. Short answer: I believe in God. Not the rest.
IV. Do you have a secret that you'll take to the grave with you? Stupid secrets, if all a secret is is something that no one else knows.
V. Have you ever told somebody you loved them when secretly you didn't at all? In plays/improv games/jokingly
(What happened to VI?)
VII. If you could change one thing about your physical looks, what would it be? My weight
VIII. If you could change one thing about your personality, what would it be? To be more accepting of those who don't have the same political views as I do.
IX. Have you ever cried in front of someone, and felt ashamed of it? I'm sure I've tried to hide tears during a movie or something. ::shrug::
X. Have you ever done drugs? Are you on drugs? Right now I am on extra-strength acetometaphin (tylenol). That's pretty much the extent of it.

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Music
I. If you had to pick, what's your favorite song of the moment? The entire RENT soundtrack. Does that count?
III. Even though you can download music, do you still buy cds just because of the cd-case, CD itself, booklet, or just general authenticity? No, but I never did, even before the downloady stuff.
IV. What lone genre of music do you prefer above all? showtunes
V. What genre of music would you never be caught dead with? country. yuck yuck yuck
VI. What band/artist has impacted your life the most? my sister? Rob? okay, but you want a real answer. Maybe Dashboard Confessional.
VII. What band/artist makes you cringe? Norah Jones
VIII. How many music files do you have on your computer? About 1000, though I used to be at about 2500 before my computer decided to hate me and not ghost the rest of my music
IX. How many are illegal? every single frikkin one
X. What instruments can you play? piano, flute, piccolo, a little bit of the rest of all the band instruments, and kazoo

The Small & Silver Screens
I. What's your favorite movie? Of all time-- Sound of Music
II. Generally, what genre of movies do you jump at the opportunity to see?romantic comedies and musicals
III. Who is the actress/actor you most admire? Tom Hanks
IV. Do you cry during/after certain movies? yes. At both movies I've seen recently (HP GOF and RENT)
V. What time of day do you prefer to see movies at (morning/noon/night): Late at night
VI. What is the tv show you never miss? i "never forget to download" Desperate Housewives. Used to be that I'd never miss FRIENDS.
VII. What is it you like about it so much? It was better last season... but I've grown to love the characters and their flaws, and want to find out what happens!
VIII. What's the one tv show you can't stand? I don't know, because I don't watch TV. The stuff I do watch, I just download... so I never see anything I don't like.
IX. Do you think you spend more time watching the television or using the computer? Computer by frikkin frikkin far
X. Do you personally think that you spend too much time watching tv? nope

Bon Appetite <-- there's no E.
I. What's your favorite meal? Exactly what I had last night: Olive Garden Chicken Giardino-- breadsticks and salad of course.
II. How about your favorite desert? The Sahara. But if you want my favorite DESSERT, maybe Key-Lime Pie
III. When only a kid, did you eat your vegetables? pretty much, though there were/are some I don't like.
IV. Do you still eat vegetables? yes, all the time
V. Are you a poor, average, or excellent cook? in the grand scheme, probably on the very low side of excellent or the very high side of average.
VI. What type of food do you prefer? Italian, Jew-food, anything not fried.
VII. Salt or pepper? depends what I'm cooking.
VIII. ketchup or mustard? if I HAD to choose, ketchup. But I'd rather neither.
IX. Do you prefer going out to breakfast, lunch, or dinner? dinner
X. Do you eat to live or live to eat? eat to live. I've lost most of my interest in food lately

All's Fair In Love and War
I. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/crush? yet another ten page story. Let's say "Crush"
II. Are you in love? Or are you using them? yes, and... probably also yes.
III. Do you find most of the time you dislike the people that like you and vice versa? not really. Generally if I dislike someone its mutual... and besides, its not very common
IV. In terms of relationships, are you loving or manipulative? me? manipulative? I suppose I'm both
V. Do you live to love? or would you rather love to live? Live to love
VI. Do you believe that sex should come before or after marriage? before. You wouldn't buy a car without taking it for a test run.
VII. Do you plan to marry, if so at what age? Yes; "when I find the person I want to spend the rest of my life with"
VIII. Do plan to have children, if so how many? 2, but if they match, 3.
IX. Are your parents married or divorced? happily married, just hit 34 years.
X. Do you want to have a big, spectacular wedding with everyone you know invited or a small, traditional, get-together with family and close-friends wedding? somewhere in the middle.

Note to survey writer: I'm not impressed. You tried to make it interesting, and instead sacrificed your grammatical skills, as well as sounding like a doof.
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