Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Solemn, Crappy Thanksgiving, everyone.

I hate this holiday, especially this year. Normally the disgustingly gross Thanksgiving food is overwhlemed and trumped by the family and friends that we invite over, and the cooking and preparing of everything is my favorite. Even last year, when my mom invited the crazy Jewish Conservative who.. well..
Storyline 2: Dinner: Thanksgiving Dinner. We cooked and everything on Thursday, and in addition to my mom, two sisters, Rob, and me, My mom invited a few special guests. Alice Schreiber, who is my mom's friend, and sort of a surrogate grandmother to me, and a woman named Tanya that my parents knew from Chabad. Now, my mom didn't think about the repercussions of inviting these people. Tanya is... ::whispers:: a Republican. And my mom had just put her in the Lion's Den of Liberals. Not only was she a Republican, but one of those evil lawyers-- the kind who do bad things. Tanya definitely hogged the conversation, because she was trying to defend herself. And perhaps we weren't quite fair to her, but she brought up several issues that really sparked several of us. I remember at one point, Vivi , Rob and I just had to walk out and work on a puzzle in the other room.. until she mentioned the environment, when Vivi went in, or Stem cell reserach, where Rob perked. At the end of the night, super liberal Alice (who is a wry 80 year old) told my mother never to invite that woman back over while she was there. The night was interesting to say the least.

This year, no one is coming. We're actually going to a family friend's house for Thanksgiving. We've never done that before, and my parents choose my 21st birthday (my family tends to celebrate my birthday on Thanksgiving) to change it all up. I don't like change, and I HATE PUMPKIN PIE.
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