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Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Thoughts on GoF, since I promised. I've seen it three times now, but still won't be able to remember everything.

I thought the first ten minutes of the movie went waaaay too quickly through the book. Dream, then BAM he's at the Dursleys, BAM world cup. Not that the other stuff is imporant to the plot, but it's important to the fans!

I didn't like that Barty Crouch Jr. was there when Voldie and Wormtail were talking, but I can see why they put that into the book-- they had to, if they were going to TAKE OUT THE HOUSE ELVES-- I'm really upset about that. Again, I can see how it isn't vital to the plot (or atleast how they can make it non-vital), but that means they took out S.P.E.W. (side note: does Hermione count enough as the Hogwarts house-elves master that she can set them free by having them pick up hats? And don't you think they clean up/pick up clothes anyway?)

The tents and aura at the World Cup were perfect. The Death Eater's Masks were perfect. The Dark Mark was perfect. harry seeing Barty Crouch do it was NOT. Another point where I missed Winky.

More skipping over stuff when Durmstrang and Beaxbatons arrive at the same time as the Hogwarts students, but whatever. I really enjoyed the Durmstrang entrance. Also, Fleur = not that pretty, and not that great of an actress. Also, was she honestly the best of the Beauxbatons? She didn't exactly seem to do well, and she got so flustered so easily (think maze)

Moody was good. Didn't think I'd like him, but I do. I even got used to the eye. Karkaroff was good, but needed to be more gaunt. And whats with the scene where they show Karkaroff with the mean look on his face going into the Goblet of Fire room? Just to make us think it was him? Blach. Madame Maxime needed to be more "handsome" and less drag-queen-ish.

I don't like the way Dumbledore shook Harry, "Did you put your name into the Goblet of Fire?!" That was waaaay too rough for Dumbledore. I miss Richard Harris :(

Dragons were good. Dragon off the chain flying around the school to add more excitement to the movie that didn't exist in the book? Not so much.

The practice for the Yule Ball was hilarious, due to the twins. Babbling, bumbling band of baboons! Also, I just about cracked up when Fred asked Angelina to the ball. I <3 Fred and George.

Yule Ball was good. ::insert one and a half feet of parchment on why the heck they couldn't have just made Hermione's dress blue:: Whats with the Weird Sisters not being girls? I guess it worked, though. The fight between Ron and Hermione was priceless. I wanted it to be more of a display, yelling from ten feet apart, but whatever.

I love love LOVED the look on Harry's face after Hermione told her to go to bed.

Moaning Myrtle looked even more like Drag!Harry in this movie. I loved her fake cough when she came up from under water. That was fabulous. Also, Harry half naked in water? Give it to me any day. Holy crap that was hot. I love how he kept trying to cover himself up.

Hm.. Second task was good. The extra excitement at the end with Harry's gills closing and the squidy things getting him was stupid. STUPID STUPID STUPID. The bodies under water were dolls, right? Side note, what about Hermione when she gets petrified? Doll?

Sara tried to tell me that Moody does the tongue flick thing when he needs more PolyJuice potion, but I disagree. I think they were just showing that Crouch Jr and Moody were the same person, and I think thats how Crouch Sr. figured it was his son, and thats why Jr. killed Sr. Since that's not the way it happened in the book, it was kind of neat to figure it out, movie-style.

The third task. No creatures of the deep? People changing in the maze? WTF? Shut up, Movie!Dumbledore, you're wrong. Still, the maze was good. The Triwizard Cup was good. The graveyard was good. I cried when Cedric died (the first two times, atleast). It was really sad, especially watching Harry and Amos cry over him. Oddly enough, I didn't cry when Sirius or Dumbly died in the books, but always when Cedric does. I really wish they had added the line "Remember Cedric Diggory" to Dumbly's speech at the end.

That's about it for now. I'm sure I'll think of more later.
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