Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

complaints from this morning

This morning at the FAMU Volunteer Fair was very productive, work-wise. We got many many volunteers who all seemed very interested. Instead of asking people to sign up, people were asking, "where do I sign up?" I hope we got a bunch of new volunteers, including some for the Juvenile Detention Center!

However, as nice as it was for LVLC, I had a horrible time. I had a late morning, couldn't find my keys, and was almost 15 minutes late inpicking up Sarah. Then, we got lost on the way to "The Set" which is what they call the area where the fair was being held.

The directions were miserable, the street names on the map were unreadable, and we ended up having to go through a "Do Not Enter" sign. Way to tell us, coordinators. Then, as we had walked to find the fair, I had to move my car to the area in front of the fair, where the woman told me to park. Of course, all of the parallel parking was done miserably, and I finally found a spot that I squished into. THEN she tells all of us to move our cars to some other parking lot down the oad, and says a golf cart will bring us back.

So, I go park my car down in this lot down the road, and everyone has left just enough space for me NOT to be able to park there. Finally some woman leaves and I take her spot, and then wait for the golf cart. Ten minutes pass, and I decide that it wasn;t really that long of a way and decide to walk back. I start walking for about ten minutes, and then-- uh-oh, I realized I was walking in .. houses and businesses, not FAMU. So I realized I was going the wrong way, and retraced my steps back, eventually going the right way but it taking atleast twenty minutes extra. I hadn't eaten that morning and it was fairly hot outside (85 degrees in November, wtf) especially with long pants and long-sleeved shirt on.

I finally get back, they start serving lunch. Nothing vegetarian at ALL for Sarah, and I ended up picking off the cheese (and therefore half the turkey and the tomatoes that were STUCK to the cheese) off my turkey sandwich. Sarah ate my mixed fruit (I won't eat fruit in syrup) and the rest was disgusting chips that I wouldn't touch and oreo cookies -- which hardly fit with my "chocolate sucks" ideas.

Then Indira showed up, which rocked. She went to go check out the opportunities at the rest of the fair, and then the coordinator drove me on the golf cart back to my car, and I went to go pick up Sarah and Indira. We dropped Indira off at her car where it was parked, and then Sarah and I set off. And got very. very. lost. Small streets I had never heard of, unable to even tell which direction we were going (I NEED A COMPASS FOR MY CAR HINT HINT HINT). We drove around for a good forty five minutes before we found something I knew. Then drove Sarah back to her apartment, and then all the way back to BL Perry, stopping to get the M&Ms for the workshop, hoping to get there around 3 instead of 4 as planned, so that I would be able to finish my planning for the workshop tonight.

So I get the M&Ms after a dastardly search at Walgreens, and then drive on to BL Perry, and walk by the Program Room, where it seems booked for the night! So I start freaking out and find Alden, tell him we have a problem, don't know what to do and he says, "Melissa? Isn't that workshop tomorrow night?" Yes, yes it is. I pretty much collapsed on the floor right then, out of relief, distress, and weakness.

Since then I've been working on my math projects for tomorrow, talking to Ellen on the phone (she LOVED the tutor training that Sharmeen and I put together).

And now it's time to go. Supposed to do dinner with Justin (who I haven't seen in over two weeks. Two weeks, kids) Justin better not have to go back to work tonight after his choir practice :( I'm a slap mess and hoping he won't care.
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