Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.


(I apologize if I'm incoherent, I've been in a car for 9 hours, and I'm beat)

Now that you've seen all the pictures...

I had a fabulous yet exhausting weekend. i got to meet even more family that I never knew I had (or atleast had never met) and learn some wild and crazy stories about them, too.

The 80th birthday party/celebration was for my Aunt Marsha. She's my dad's (late) mother's sister, so all the family was from that branch. My family definitely has interesting members and even more interesting (perhaps falsified or exaggerated?) gossip. Oy.

The Good, the Bad, and .. well nothing else, really ;)
- the first half of the ride up, with parents being annoying and irritable and Deborah stealing my favorite shirt.
+ reading my Aunt Marsha's write-ups in Spartanburg newspapers about her plays
+ the hotel. Especially the down comforters.
- no internet access other than my phone, which barely counts.
+ cracking up at the thought of my dad's cousin Marti liking to talk to my Aunt Diane (more stories to come about Aunt Diane after T-day I'm sure)
+ seeing Kalina
- Kalina saying both my sisters names but not even attempting mine
+ seeing other parts of my family
- Uncle Frank not even saying 'hi.' WTF? Long gone are the days when he was my favorite uncle.
- making uncomfortable small talk with a bunch of relatives that I don't particularly care to talk to.
+ good food
- chocolate everywhere. Yuck. Can't a girl catch a break?
+ the weather. I <3 cold.
- waking up
+ The lifesaving device that is my iPod
+ The lifesaving service that is airblogging
+ going through old pictures
- bad old pictures
- the first night in a long time that I didn't have a ~three hour phone conversation
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