Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

The fabulous parts are always unplanned

Indira and I went to Village Inn, ate, got charged $1.09 for five chocolate chips in her pancakes. Right after we left, Aras called, saying he was walking to Blockbuster...

Dips (Indira) and I devised a plan. We went and drove right next to him, going really slowly, not letting him in and cracking up, "Cold out there Aras?" He's like, "nah, its nice, you should come out," so then Indira's like "nope, we have a nice warm car." Eventually I figured she'd let him in, but no.. we sped off, cackling away.. towards Blockbuster, and intended on acting totally nonchalant when he came in. Well, he finally got there, I saw him and glanced, but in my nonchalance didn't go over to him or anything, and next thing I know, he left! SO I start like, freaking out that he's mad at us for speeding off and leaving him, and tell Indira that she has to apologize. So we run outside after him, he turns around, and he's laughing.. "HA! I got you outside." Loser!

Other hilarious parts of the evening include reminiscing with my mom about Magnolia School days. 21st anniversary of the school is coming up. We used to ruuuule that playground.

I also finished "The Way We Were" and the line "Your girl is lovely, Hubbell," well, it wasn't nearly as climactic as I thought it would be. After the SATC episode.... I thought it was going to be a stronger, better line. Oh well. Good movie anyway.
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