Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Things that.... (shallow version)

annoy me:

1. when people say "aks" or "ax" instead of "ask."
2. people who don't put enough faith in me to come through
3. people who don't come through when you put faith in them
4. my phone, and it's crappy service inside my house
5. people who can't do their jobs (generally pertaining to phone customer service, servers, cashiers, bankers, etc)
6. having not as much attention paid to me or having me wait longer just because people know I won't do anything about it
7. being walked over, passed over, looked over, etc
8. bad eyebrows. I cannot stress this enough
9. people leaving garbage in my house/room/car
10. people leaving the EFFING DISHWASHER OPEN.

I like:

1. cold weather
2. that it's November which equals MY BIRTHDAY, HP & the GoF, candy sales, T-day and seeing my niece
3. my glasses. They make me look smart :)
4. being single, for the most part
5. really well-written essays that challenge my thoughts
6. my friends, old and new
7. straight auburny hair with bangs in my eyes
8. finding out I have a new photo up in someones facebook album
9. the familiarity of things I remember from days gone by
10. being me. I like me.
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