Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Before and after: tomorrows friend in hot oil


Fish Fry (hee-hee, fish)

Met more of Ken's family, more of Sab's family, had some good fried fish, got an amazing bridesmaids gift (a keychain with a metal envelope and an invitation that says "Melissa 10-22-05" that slides inside)

I'm sad that I can't spend the night at Sab's tonight, but I'm allergic to cats like whoa and don't want to wake up with golfball puffy red eyes. It's a bad idea.

So, I'll be getting to the church tomorrow around 11:30, finish getting ready with the girls, and then the wedding starts at 2. I cannot believe Sab is going to be married.

After the fish fry, I went to the Lincoln-Chiles game for Deb's 8th grade band night. Ran into lots of people. Sue Kraul (coworker of moms), Ben Cohen and Michelle Binnun from the synagogue, Chivalry Wu from the Family Learning Center, and Ian Binns from Godby band ... who got CHUNKY!

They started playing Oreo and I had a huge hankering to be over there, in my Godby uniform, with all my old flautists and such, dancing and bouncing. I bounced and danced along anyway. On the field, Lincoln was much much better than Chiles, and apparently according to those on the hs band scene, Lincoln is now better than Leon. Whoa.

Time for bed. I need beauty sleep to look fabulous tomorrow.

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