Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

I worked this morn and played hooky this afternoon. Not like I don't have the hours. Pshaw.

Sara and I went to The Main Ingredient for lunch. At first I wasn't impressed, but it turned out pretty well. I had seared tuna on a garden salad. It was tehfab. We also ran into Keven Malfa there, from high school. I hadn't seen him since we graduated, so that was cool.

Then, to the mall to buy tickets for HP4. I stopped at Dillards to go to Clinique to get my bonus-time gift, and then as I was walking to AMC, I ran into Marc. He walked with us as a Jude Law lookalike sold us our tickets. I got four. One for me, one for Tuttle, and two for a)friends who want to be in the same theater b)scalping, if necessary. While at AMC we got in a movie mood, and when we were walking around afterwards, we decided to see Corpse Bride. We had kinda ditched Marc earlier (not meaning to), and looked for him to see if he wanted to come with us, but couldn't find him. And while looking for hi,, we kept getting distracted by different stores. Yay for Barnes and Noble's new GoF books :) (but BOOOOO to pictures of NEVILLE giving Harry gillyweed)

So, we did Customer surveys (on Christmas cards. It took 15 minutes and I got $8).

Then Sara made me sit in a mean massage chair that squeezed my butt. I think I have too much b'donkidonk for those things. Went to Bath and Body Works, and then off to Corpse Bride. WHICH had a HP trailer. Sara squeed. The movie itself wasn't too bad either.

Then, Saruda Christisha and I went separate ways, I went to PacSun and got two shirts and a FABULOUS ring, and then came home.

Now I'm tired. Am I ever not?

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