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Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

interviewed by aoibhinn

-Comment if you'd like to be interviewed.
-I'll respond with five questions.
-Post them, and your responses in your own LJ
-Also post these rules.

1. WHat did you think of me when you first met me?
I probably met you earlier in the night, but I was busy boo-hooing over Justin and Adrianna. And of course, I had heard about you previously. My first thoughts were probably something along the lines of "She looks exactly like that girl from "That 70's Show" and "she's a LOT taller than Matt"

2. Is it important to you that you marry a Jewish man because of your personal beliefs, or is it influenced by what your parents want?
Its some of both. Originally it was because of my parents, but as I've gotten older I realize how important it is to me to share beliefs about so many things: not only religion, but politics, child-rearing, etc. Unfortunately, life doesn't always work out that way, and sometimes I feel like it's worth it to stray from my "original plan" -- sometimes you just have to change your plan. It's not flip-flopping, its learning more about a situation and making an educated decision.

3. Did you enjoy UF?
I enjoyed most of my time in Gainesville. I met some incredible people, two of whom I am proud to call best friends. As for UF itself.. I learned some about Greek, I learned a bit of Norse Myth, and some History of Jewish Music, and other classes... but honestly, I don't think UF was the right school for me. In high school, I was used to not studying, and being a big fish in a small pond-- At UF I found a huge pond with tons of sharks, and it was too much of an adjustment for a 17 year old like I was to make. When I go back, I ntend to find a smaller university that would be more fitting for me.

4. what is your favorite Harry Potter book?
Book 3, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I love the characters introduced (Lupin, Sirius), and I like that it's not so incredibly dark. In fact, I think I'd prefer the whole HP series sans Voldemort ;) In order of favorite to least favorite: 3,6,5,4,2,1

5. What do you want to do for a living?
I'd love to just write, and get paid for it. About whatever I wanted. Race, religion, my daily life, whatever. Unfortunately, until I can count on writing as a means for food and shelter, I'd like to do about what I'm doing now: Work for a non-profit organization on writing grants and devloping programs for special needs, like literacy, or working for the United Way or something like that.

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