Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

7 years ago -- ganked from aoibhinn, but on myspace

September has ended and it is time to wake up. In the song, Green Day says that 7 years have gone so fast. Seven years ago, it was Fall 1998. Take this quiz, post the results, and see how much things have changed since then.

How old were you? 13

What grade were you in? 9th

Where did you go to school? Godby High School

Where did you work? I was an aide at Religion School and Hebrew School

Where did you live? Tallahassee

How was your hair style? I had very long, straight, messy hair

Did you wear contacts? nope

Did you wear glasses? nope

Who was your best friend? Indira Daniels

Who was your boyfriend/girlfriend? I didn't have one :(

Who was your celebrity crush? Leonardo DiCaprio-- or rather, Jack Dawson

Who was your regular-person crush? Steven Langley

Were you a virgin? yup

How many piercings did you have? two-- one in each ear

How many tattoos did you have? nada

What was your favorite band? Third Eye Blind, I guess. I loved Semi-Charmed Life

What was your biggest fear? Probably dishwashers

Had you smoked a cigarette yet? nope

Had you gotten drunk or high yet? nope

Had you driven yet? I *think* that's after Tom (Dad's weird friend) moved out, so yes.

If so what car(s)- Some old beat-up thing that he let me drive in the old K-Mart (now Lake Ella Publix) parking lot

Which of your pets were still alive? Bagel

Which members of your family were still alive? My mom's parents were both alive then

Which members of your family were not born yet? My cousin Anna, and my niece Kalina

Did you know the person who sent this to you? yup. I even feel like I know her fairly well, even though we've met only once.

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