Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Okay, so I guess I was a bit unclear when I said that people read my livejournal. I meant.. people I didn't expect to. People who have never commented, who aren't on my friends list, who don't even have livejournal.

That's just.. I mean, its a little creepy. Back when I was friends-only I knew exactly who had access to my journal, and now, its like the world can access it. Old friends, new friends, random strangers, Chabad Rabbis. Its exhilarating in thought but almost scary in practice. Not because of how I found out. That wasn't scary. That was cool.

I was talking to Charles, one of the band nerds I mentioned I had seen Friday night, and we were talking about ipods.. and I mentioned that I had recently taken the nail polish off of mine, to go from pink back to white, and he said, "oh yeah, I read about that." Since that happened several months ago, and I just recently reunited with Charles this past weekend, it was a little odd that he had read it. That's all.

I'm not scared of acquaintencey band nerds. I'm scared of whoever else may read. Sometimes I forget to friend entries that should be friended. Perhaps some of those have things like.. addresses... phone numbers. Yikes.

Also, I met beckyaya today when she came to test Deborah, so yay :) Now there are very very few people on my f-list that I've never met. So those of you that I haven't ever met, you should feel insanely special.

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