Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Yay for the first weekend that I've actually done stuff with
a) new people, b) OUT.

Tonight was fabulous, despite a few brooding hours over Justin (which shouldn't happen, because let's face it, I know the situation). I sunk atleast two balls in in our four hours of playing pool, so thats always a plus. Man, I suck. Got to see some old SCL faces, meet some new ones. New boy Nate was on his phone for a lot of the time, and it reminded me of me at my first SCL meeting*-- younger than everyone, the only one there in my grade, etc. The only difference is, Nate knew Matt fairly well, and at my first meeting I knew no one. So then he was planning on leaving (as I had so wanted to do my first meeting) so I regaled my story, and told him how glad I was that I had stayed ....and he stayed! He said he'd stay till "10 or 10:30" but ended up hanging out with us till we went home at almost two!

For a lot of the end part, it was just me, Matt, Matt's friend Allison (who is frikking awesome) and Nate. Driving, wasting Allison's mom's gas, at Steak and Shake to see Sara, finding out that Sheesha nights moved and that Rocky Horror was LAST night. Yes, yes, good times.

*Side note: this is the only thing I wrote about my first SCL meeting, but if I had been a skilled journaler then, I would have mentioned that it started off horribly, not knowing anyone, talking on my phone, wanting to go home, not wanting to do anything at Springz (kinda like Fun Station), being incredibly turned off that everybody drank, wishing that it was sober Trivial Pursuit... Then having a wonderful night sleeping in a bed with Gen and Jus (kinda cozy, yes?) and having one of the most electric and wonderful nights ever. SO things change.

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