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So, you're all thinking, "Hey Mellishness, what are you doing in Tally? What happened to Alabama?"

Well, I had been planning on going to Alabama. I called the Red Cross to sign up for the class and then the trip.. and they direct me to like fifty billion numbers, and I finally find out they canceled the trip. Apparently with the one night of training, it wasn't really going to be worth it for them to send people, and since they had to really offer six different courses to anyone that was going, the minimum deployment time became three weeks. Obviously Ellen wouldn't want me to take off that much work. So, I'm going to volunteer here in town with VolunteerLEON doing what I can in this area.

So, what have I been doing since my huge fair has been over?

I'm working on more projects!

~I'm doing some direct tutoring and also some testing stuff for GED classrooms (All day Monday, Tuesday morning, Wednesday morning)
~I'm writing a grant to get a bunch of workbooks for our basic reading program (Whenever I have time)
~I'm continuing to work at the Family Learning Center at the Perry branch (Wednesday afternoon, Thursday afternoon)
~I'm working on a grant called "Let's read Together" where I will be running workshops (Basically Fridays but flexible)
~I'm starting a tutoring service from the ground up at the juvenile detention center (Can't begin till I recruit volunteers)
~I'm developing a mini-training for the new volunteers to help with the workshops and the detention center
~I'm recruiting volunteers at community fairs and any other ways possible



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Sep. 18th, 2005 11:43 pm (UTC)
I still don't think tutoring at JDC is a very good idea. Kids do not stay there long enough. Seriously, probably 90% are there less than a month. If you would like to target that group, I suggest you try to set up something at Second Chance. Kids often don't stay there a long time either, but definitely longer than at the detention center. I could put you in touch with someone from Second Chance, whom I believe would be very helpful.

Hell, give me 5 kids from 2nd chance who will half-ass pay attention for two hours a week, and I'll give you a top-5 certamen team at the opening workshop (at least if they're eligible).
Sep. 19th, 2005 11:46 am (UTC)
Second Chance is not doing this. The Detention Center is. I realize that you work with these kids. Now realize that I do, too. This program isn't for the kids who are there for less than a month. It's for the kids who are there for longer. And yes, there are kids that are there for longer. The JDC tends to be a "holding cell" when there aren't programs who have openings
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