Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Some quotes and pictures as of late. Iiinteresting.

"It's not so much stuffed mushrooms ... as stuff and mushrooms..." by Melissa

Sara- "This dressing is good on everything, is it just regular italian dressing?"
Melissa- *shakes head* "It's italian dressing...with crack."

Sara-"It's funny how the difference between the Italian caffe and the French cafe is one 'f'. That's it."
Melissa-"What Latin word did that come from? Is Cafe Latin?"
Sara-"You're asking the wrong girl."
Melissa-*is confused* Am I asking the wrong girl because you don't know, or because you never took Latin?"

And the Waitress kept trying to take our food. ALL of it. Every two minutes! I mean, checking up is good, but sheesh! Seriously, she tried to take away our salad like four times while we were still eating it-- and our breadsticks several times too. She kept wanting to make sure our table was like OCD clean or something. Meanwhile, we're trying not to crack up.

Sara-"I want to take a drink, but I don't feel like breathing in."

Sara-"Thank you for announcing to the room that I'm sending phlegm flying."

Sara-*thinking she has lost her pen* "Oh, pen, why hast thou forsaken me?"
Melissa-"Isn't that a song?" *starts singing a song*
Sara-"It's something Jesus said before he died..." *has found pen*
Melissa-"Where's that from?" *names some random band*
Sara-"The Bible."

Also, Sara decided to start calling me LC, but I seriously don't remember why. Melissa "LC" Abrams. Man, where's that business card when I need it?

And then there was more "what to do you think of this?" at Target than any human should hear in her lifetime.

And onnn to the pictures!

Image hosted by
Sara and breadstick... (today)

Image hosted by
Sara...cutting her cheeseburger (Monday)

Image hosted by
Melishqua (sometime last week)

Image hosted by
Sara and cherry.. (today)

Image hosted by
Today at Target (mellish)

Image hosted by
Today at Target (saruda)
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